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Donate to the Schoharie News

Written By Editor on 10/26/13 | 10/26/13

Maintaining the Schoharie News requires a lot of time and dedication, often times over twenty hours per week - in fact just over the past three days that number has soared to near twenty-five - working part-time, going to college and running a website requires just enough to keep the bills paid and the gas tank filled.

As such I have decided to include a "donate button" via PayPal on the right hand side of the website for readers to consider donating a few dollars to help me keep the Schoharie News afloat and not use what wages I earn from a nearby supermarket delicatessen on this increasingly time consuming news project. You can donate from a PayPal account, a credit card, or a bank account. Even a few dollars helps me keep the site up and expand.

Also: advertising is available for business and non-political causes. We will not accept any political advertisements whatsoever.
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