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The Schoharie News, WSDE 1190 AM Announce Partnership

Written By Editor on 10/9/16 | 10/9/16

WSDE of Cobleskill and the Schoharie News have announced a partnership. The two media organizations will share news resources and reporting, including breaking news from across Schoharie County. The Schoharie News aims to send original content for WSDE LITE FM 94.3 AM 1190, including interviews of local officials, history programs, and more.

The Schoharie News' owner Matthew Avitabile said that the partnership was a natural choice, praising Ed Sherlock's leadership at WSDE. "I know we can make great things happen," he said, "We will leave no stone unturned."

WSDE owner Ed Sherlock said that he was excited for the endeavor and looked forward to the partnership.

The Schoharie News and WSDE announced a 30% discount for ads taken for both mediums for periods three months or longer. Both companies aim to expand their coverage and move in a mutually beneficial direction for media consumers in Schoharie County. For more information please contact Mr. Sherlock at or the Schoharie News at

Schoharie News Offering Automatic Subscription Service

Written By Editor on 9/23/16 | 9/23/16

The Schoharie News is offering our readers a chance to subscribe to our upcoming print version by paying on the site. On the right hand of this article is a button that allows our readers to pay for their subscription via PayPal or credit card. Our subscription rate is on sale right now for just $40 a year. For $75 a year readers also receive a free monthly insider newsletter.

Schoharie News Unveils New Quarterly Magazine in Schoharie County

Written By Editor on 9/20/16 | 9/20/16

Schoharie County Life will be a quarterly magazine-style insert in The Schoharie News. The magazine will shine a spotlight on what makes this region such a wonderful place to live, work, and visit.

Each issue of Schoharie County Life is expected to be 24 pages and will be published in December, March, June, and September. It will offer articles on homesteading, gardening, preparedness, and food, along with seasonally appropriate topics of interest. We’ll feature a local business and a local farm in each issue, so readers can get to know more about the great folks who live and work in our county.

We’ll also include free event listings and free farm listings. While we’ll be monitoring social media to gather noteworthy information, venues are encouraged to email details of their upcoming events directly to the insert editor at Farms should email their contact information and a list of items sold to the public to the same email address. We’ll devote plenty of space in each issue to both.

Be sure to like our companion Facebook page of the same name! Each edition will be posted there in its entirety, along with extended articles, the latest event listings, and other information of interest to residents and visitors alike.

We’ll announce the topics of each insert’s content early, so local businesses can take advantage of advertising opportunities near relatable content.

For more information or to participate in any of the articles, please contact Cathleen Berry at To place an advertisement, please contact Tyler James at

The Schoharie News is Going to Print October 21st

Written By Editor on 9/18/16 | 9/18/16

By Matthew Avitabile

I've lived in this county as far back as I remember. I've seen ups and downs, and am glad to have played a role in building toward where our county can be. My roots are here, my family is here, and I believe our common destiny is rooted in our efforts. Together with dedicated volunteers and business leaders Middleburgh and other parts of the area have seen a renaissance-- one that I believe can be grown throughout the county.

In short, I want to do to local media what we did for Middleburgh.

Earlier this month I purchased the Schoharie News to give our county's residents a choice. I've decided not to run for another term as Mayor and built a team ready to cover the entire county's events. We've opened an office in Schoharie to be more responsive to residents and hold public officials to account.

I come with connections but no biases. Expect hard-hitting investigations and features meant to focus on issues that are currently ignored. To start, I don't plan on taking a salary. I'm hoping to reinvest our funds to grow our joint efforts. I hope that you can be a part of this effort to shine a light on many issues affecting the county and their potential solutions.

The Schoharie News asks for your help. The first print edition will hit the presses on Friday, October 21st. The first two issues will be mailed to every household and business in Schoharie County. Our page has information on subscriptions and advertising. Both mailed and online subscriptions are available. We would love your press releases, ideas, and suggestions to make this endeavor a success for all of us.

I hope you'll join our effort.

Matthew Avitabile

A Note from Our New Owner

Written By Editor on 9/16/16 | 9/16/16

Hi all,

This past week I've acquired the Schoharie News. My name is Matthew Avitabile. You probably have heard my name in my service as Middleburgh's mayor over the last four and a half years. I also teach history at both SUNY Oneonta and Cobleskill where I attended college. Local news has piqued my interest for a long time and seems to run in the family blood. I started talking to Mr. Tim Knight about possibly acquiring the Schoharie News, and here we are.

I've been fortunate enough to have Tim as a friend and appreciate the effort and dedication he put into the Schoharie News. His leadership is a high bar to reach and I certainly have big shoes to fill. I'll consult Tim for advice and hope to work with him on a role at the publication: at the moment he is working as a freelancer for our publication. I thank him for his insight and for setting such a good example.

Also being in public office, there may be concerns about a blurred line in this new role. That's why I'm not going to cover Middleburgh issues and will not be seeking another term as Mayor.

I am also looking for partnerships that would bring expanded and better coverage. I have brought upon several new team members to help bring our publication to success. Any press releases, tips, and news ideas are welcome. I am also considering all options and partnerships to build the publication further.

We'd like to use this opportunity to highlight many subjects currently not closely examined in local press. The Schoharie News will focus on hard looks at effects of policy on our residents, as well as the hardworking efforts of community groups to improve our area.

Schoharie News Launches Tomorrow

Written By Cicero on 5/18/15 | 5/18/15

The first edition of The Schoharie News print edition launches tomorrow afternoon in stores located across the county, including every Dollar General and Stewart's location. Sold for seventy-five cents per edition, the paper is the cheapest of the four papers that cover the area.

The print edition, as with the online paper, will feature county news and views, political stories, features, coverage of community events, letters to the editor, police blotters, columns, and much more for your viewing pleasure.

Subscriptions are available to the paper. For more information, please contact us at, as well as with any and all community events/news tips that you have for Schoharie or surrounding counties. 

Schoharie News Launches GoFundMe Fundraiser

Written By Cicero on 4/15/15 | 4/15/15

With just under five weeks to go until the inaugural print edition of The Schoharie News is released, we are requesting the assistance of our readers to support us as we take the final steps toward launching this endeavor. 

How can you support us? One of three ways. 

First - you can donate to our newspaper by going to our GoFundMe page and making a secure financial transaction.

Second - you can purchase a digital or print subscription to the newspaper to secure your weekly copy in advance. 

Third - you can place an advertisement or classified in The Schoharie News online or print editions by contacting us. 

Our readers have always been there for us as we have made steps forward in the past, and we believe wholeheartedly that you will be there for us as make this giant step into the future next month. If you have any questions, please email us at 

Schoharie News to Feature History, Lifestyle, Political Columnists

Written By Cicero on 3/27/15 | 3/27/15

The print edition of The Schoharie News is gearing up for its introductory issue on Tuesday, May 19th at shops and stores located countywide. Priced at 75 cents per copy, it will be the cheapest weekly available in county. 

As part of the newspaper's launch, we are featuring several columnists to provide unique looks into the history, lifestyle, and politics of Schoharie County, in addition to our own editorial viewpoint on the issues facing our future. 

Joining our team as columnists will be Steve LaMont, who will be contributing historical features; Jocelyn Mangiacapre, who will focus on Schoharie County lifestyle; and, Shawn Smith, writing on county news and politics. 

Furthermore, weekly features on human interest stories and letters to the editor will be published in the paper as well, which will be available in both digital and print editions; for which subscriptions are now being accepted

Schoharie News Subscriptions Now Available

Written By Cicero on 3/18/15 | 3/18/15

To find out more about our special reduced rate of $25.00 for a one year digital subscription, please email for more information. 

With the launch of The Schoharie News print edition in May, we are offering two subscription options to begin with for readers in Schoharie County. The first, being a digital option, is $32.00 per year and will be delivered by email on Monday evenings. 

The second option is an at-home delivery of the paper on Tuesday afternoon's exclusive only (at first) to village residents of Middleburgh and Schoharie at a cost of $35.00 annually. 

For those interested in either subscription option, we would ask that you send the requested information below to with the subject "Schoharie News Subscription."

The billing process will proceed once we receive your name, address, subscription method and payment information. 

Name: __________________________________
Digital or Print:___________________________
Payment - check/digital:_____________________

The Schoharie News will also be available for sale in stores countywide; a full-list of locations will be posted as we approach the introductory issue's first publication on May 19th.

Second Annual Life in Schoharie Photo Contest

Written By Cicero on 3/13/15 | 3/13/15

It's that time of the year again, Schoharie County. As we have stated in the past, The Schoharie News utilizes photos on a regular basis to add a visual component to our articles, because they add a little something extra to our pieces. 

However, nothing gives us more pleasure than seeing your work behind the camera displayed for all to see. 

With that in mind, we would like to announce our second annual "Life in Schoharie Photo Contest," where you can submit one photograph of anything Schoharie County related to be considered for a pair of gift certificates.

Last year's inaugural winner Cheyla Bevins won the prize
after submitting this beautiful photo of the Schoharie Creek. 
The winner of the contest will be judged by the readers of The Schoharie News, who will have three days to review the photos before voting on their favorite submission on the right-hand sidebar of the website. 

A $20 dollar gift certificate to Cobleskill Wal-Mart will be awarded to the victor, with the runner-up receiving a $10 gift certificate to the Olde Corner Store in Middleburgh.

All contest entries must be e-mailed to, with the subject "Schoharie News Photo Contest," by noon on Monday. Shortly thereafter, all photos will be published on the website for our readers to take into consideration. 

You must include your name and town of residence for your submission to count.


Schoharie News to Go to Print Later This Year

Written By Cicero on 3/2/15 | 3/2/15

The Schoharie News is expanding to print.

Founded in June 2013 by Timothy Knight, who serves as editor and publisher, The Schoharie News has grown rapidly from only a handful of followers to almost four thousand fans on facebook and over seventy thousand hits monthly. 

Explaining in an email to staff members on Monday morning that "The time for a change in Schoharie County's media landscape is now," Mr. Knight laid out his vision for a newspaper located exclusively in the Schoharie Valley.

Set to publish its introductory issue on a preliminary basis for Tuesday, May 19 for public consumption, The Schoharie News will be available at retailers county wide for 75 cents per issue. An online digital subscription will be available at $32.00 annually. 

At home delivery of The Schoharie News is limited to village residents of Middleburgh and Schoharie and will be offered for $35.00 per year.

Stating that the newspaper's focus will be to "bring our readers - our families, our friends, and our neighbors - the news that they need, and not the news they need less of," Knight expressed his confidence in the project's future. 

"If I didn't believe the people of Schoharie County weren't thirsty for a fresh perspective, I wouldn't have invested the money and time that I have into this historic venture."

Although further details will be released at a later date, The Schoharie News will feature a lively and rotating assortment of columnists offering a wide variety of perspectives on county politics, history, and area lifestyle. 

Knight: Why I Came Back

Written By Cicero on 2/24/15 | 2/24/15

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm back. 

A couple of weeks ago, after working for the Mountain Eagle since mid-July, I submitted my two weeks notice and contacted Schoharie News editor Robert Panico about potentially regaining control of my old project.

And here we are today, with me announcing my second term as editor of this delightful yet trouble making online news media publication. A reputation I was once proud of, but am now focused on rebranding into something new; something better. 

So now the hard part: explaining why. 

Well.... Why not? 

This news site is my pride and joy. A lot was accomplished in Schoharie County over the first year and there is much more to be done. Trust me, there is a lot more coming down the pipe for this news project, which we will come back to later. 

But for now, what will change? Well, everything. 

In addition to reintroducing a steady stream of hard news stories, investigative and feature pieces, as well as my own obnoxious editorials, which I'm sure the county board is just groaning at the thought of, I'm bringing along a few new people to the fray. 

Shania Marotta is joining The Schoharie News as our new ad lady, while Joslen Pettit will be helping out when he can with freelance (more like desperate intern) contributions to our county conversation. Both are excellent people I have full confidence in. 

However, the biggest change might be in what is left out... Arrest reports and soft news stories are vital to any news organization, but they are being put on the back-burner. Our focus is to bring you the news you need, not the news you need less of. 

To be completely honest, coming back is the hardest decision I have ever made. Although just a freelance journalist, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the Mountain Eagle and Liz Page is a wonderful editor, but... my place is here, with all of you. 

I can't promise that everyday we will have three new stories or some blockbuster, and there may be even times when we go one or two days without something at all being published, but that's because I am working on something that will soon be very important to us all. 

Something I can't quite share with everyone yet, because there are a few pieces left to put in the right place, but I can promise will come as a shock to many of you......but enough with the vague hints. 

It's an honor and a great pleasure to be back as editor, publisher, and owner of The Schoharie News, and I hope that together we continue down the road we once set upon to let the light of truth shine down upon the darkness of corruption and destruction.

- Timothy Knight, Editor of The Schoharie News. 

Schoharie News Reaches One Million Hits

Written By Editor on 12/30/14 | 12/30/14

Thanks to our loyal readers and former editor Timothy Knight, the Schoharie News has reached one million total pageviews. It's been a great last year and three months and we are looking forward to our next million!

Schoharie Leader Nominees

Written By Editor on 12/17/14 | 12/17/14

The following have been nominated for the Schoharie Leader award, which we will decide in the coming days:

- Steve Hoard, SCS Social Studies Teacher
- Matthew Avitabile, Mayor of Middleburgh
- The Schoharie County Quilt Barn Trail, with sites across the County
- Nancy Brumaghim, essential part of many Cobleskill community projects
- Domenic Saldamarco, Irene volunteer
- Alicia Terry, County Planning Department
- Janet Mayer, who retired after 41 years as Middleburgh's Village Clerk
- The Beekman Boys of Sharon
- Norine Hodges, SCAASA
- James Landauer, for community service
- Matt and Michelle Strobeck, FIT Coalition in Cobleskill
- Josh DeBartolo, Irene volunteer, founder of Schoharie Recovery

Introducing the Schoharie Leader Award

Written By Editor on 11/17/14 | 11/17/14

We are announcing the Schoharie Leader award for those that have made a positive contribution to their community or Schoharie County. There is no real specific qualification to be nominated. It is up to you to nominate someone for their leadership on community, faith, policy, business, or charity.

So who would you nominate and why? Send your nominations to

Schoharie News Under New Ownership

Written By Editor on 8/31/14 | 8/31/14

Tim Knight has transferred ownership of the Schoharie News to interim owner Robert Panico. Mr. Panico will keep the Schoharie News in Middleburgh and hopes to continue and expand the fine journalistic standards of this newspaper.

Mr. Knight would like to thank the loyal readers who have grown this paper over the last year. He will contribute occasional columns on the site.

Opinion: One Thousand Articles

Written By Editor on 7/23/14 | 7/23/14

As the Schoharie News was in the process of editing our article covering Oorah's legal victory over the Town of Jefferson Monday evening, we suddenly realized a major milestone would be achieved upon its completion and publication: our one thousandth published article. 

Sure, not every article was a masterpiece and several focused on nothing more than cold weather (granted, it was frigid outside and a slow news season to boot a significant portion of the past winter), but that is beyond the point.

The point is: we have been able to achieve something never before seen in Schoharie County, outside of the occasional television news coverage, in that information has been unleashed from a once every seven days experience to one that constantly changes and evolves before our readers eyes. 

Additionally, and this would not have been possible without our unbelievably incredible readership, but we have been able to expend our resources into the type of investigative journalism and healthy criticism of local government that has slowly dissipated from news bureaus nationwide.

Of course, such editorial decisions have resulted in allegations of yellow journalism or petty politics from our detractors, but we honestly believe the truth of the matter will always have the final say in how our stories are written and the facts contained within; agree or disagree with them, we digress. 

Although we do not know what the future holds for the Schoharie News, and we are expecting to make several important announcements in the coming weeks, we do know that without the support of our friends, neighbors, and strangers who have made this project the success it is, none of it would have been possible.

Thank you for sticking with us for one thousand articles.

Consider Subscribing to the Schoharie News

Written By Editor on 5/23/14 | 5/23/14

Consider purchasing a "subscription" to the Schoharie News. Running the area's only online news source and a full-time job is time consuming and expensive!

With the button below please consider donating to our venture. Feel free to check the monthly recurring option if you'd like to donate a dollar or more every month to expand our coverage for the people of Schoharie County.

Schoharie News Tops Half a Million Page-Views

Written By Editor on 4/30/14 | 4/30/14

Yes, that headline is correct.

Since the Schoharie News first debuted in June 2013 and officially launched that following fall, this little internet newspaper has received slightly over half a million page views from our absolutely incredible readership of thousands of friends and neighbors in Schoharie County. 

We owe every bit of our success to our humble readership, and we will forever be indebted to the amount of support you have contributed to this amazing project's success. From news tips, photos, donations, and our advertisers, we simply never would have been able make it this far without your faith in what we set out to accomplish. 

I do not know for how much longer this project will continue, or where the work I have done on it will bring me, but in spite of the hardships associated with spearheading the county's only online source of news: threatening e-mails, working all hours of night during heavy news periods, and sacrificing personal time; it has been worth it. 

Again, I thank every person and organization who has supported us through out this project and who will continue to lend their assistance as we continue to grow and report on the news that matters to you, the humble reader of this website, and our neighbor in the community. 

- Timothy Knight, Editor and Publisher of the Schoharie News

Life in Schoharie Contest Winner: Fall Serenity

Written By Editor on 4/5/14 | 4/5/14

With more than two hundred and seventy votes cast since Wednesday afternoon, Schoharie News readers have studiously selected Cobleskill resident Cheyla Bevins "Fall Serenity" submission as the victor of our first annual Life in Schoharie Photo Contest. There were nine photographs submitted overall. 
The winning photograph received 36% of votes
Ms. Bevins submission was the only photograph to reach one hundred votes, with Marvin Marsh's "Painted Night" the second closest at fifty-six. She will receive a $20 gift certificate to Cobleskill Wal-Mart for winning the contest, but in reality all of the photos submitted reflect that we are all the true winners for having such a beautiful place to call home.

The Best of the Summer

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