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Knight: Why I Came Back

Written By Cicero on 2/24/15 | 2/24/15

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm back. 

A couple of weeks ago, after working for the Mountain Eagle since mid-July, I submitted my two weeks notice and contacted Schoharie News editor Robert Panico about potentially regaining control of my old project.

And here we are today, with me announcing my second term as editor of this delightful yet trouble making online news media publication. A reputation I was once proud of, but am now focused on rebranding into something new; something better. 

So now the hard part: explaining why. 

Well.... Why not? 

This news site is my pride and joy. A lot was accomplished in Schoharie County over the first year and there is much more to be done. Trust me, there is a lot more coming down the pipe for this news project, which we will come back to later. 

But for now, what will change? Well, everything. 

In addition to reintroducing a steady stream of hard news stories, investigative and feature pieces, as well as my own obnoxious editorials, which I'm sure the county board is just groaning at the thought of, I'm bringing along a few new people to the fray. 

Shania Marotta is joining The Schoharie News as our new ad lady, while Joslen Pettit will be helping out when he can with freelance (more like desperate intern) contributions to our county conversation. Both are excellent people I have full confidence in. 

However, the biggest change might be in what is left out... Arrest reports and soft news stories are vital to any news organization, but they are being put on the back-burner. Our focus is to bring you the news you need, not the news you need less of. 

To be completely honest, coming back is the hardest decision I have ever made. Although just a freelance journalist, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the Mountain Eagle and Liz Page is a wonderful editor, but... my place is here, with all of you. 

I can't promise that everyday we will have three new stories or some blockbuster, and there may be even times when we go one or two days without something at all being published, but that's because I am working on something that will soon be very important to us all. 

Something I can't quite share with everyone yet, because there are a few pieces left to put in the right place, but I can promise will come as a shock to many of you......but enough with the vague hints. 

It's an honor and a great pleasure to be back as editor, publisher, and owner of The Schoharie News, and I hope that together we continue down the road we once set upon to let the light of truth shine down upon the darkness of corruption and destruction.

- Timothy Knight, Editor of The Schoharie News. 
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Norie61 said...

Welcome back Tim, and you have been greatly missed.This site had certainly changed since you left. Your style is much more suited to the people of this area, and it has seriously been lacking. So happy police reports will no longer be the feature. No matter what the crime, I take no joy in reading about other people's misfortune. Having said that, I would expect a report on something big. Good luck with your new venture, you have much support here!

Chris 10452 said...

I agree: Welcome back. The County Board needs somebody nipping at their heels and also appealing to their sense of duty and high functioning. Open the door and turn on the lights!

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