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Schoharie News Tops Half a Million Page-Views

Written By Editor on 4/30/14 | 4/30/14

Yes, that headline is correct.

Since the Schoharie News first debuted in June 2013 and officially launched that following fall, this little internet newspaper has received slightly over half a million page views from our absolutely incredible readership of thousands of friends and neighbors in Schoharie County. 

We owe every bit of our success to our humble readership, and we will forever be indebted to the amount of support you have contributed to this amazing project's success. From news tips, photos, donations, and our advertisers, we simply never would have been able make it this far without your faith in what we set out to accomplish. 

I do not know for how much longer this project will continue, or where the work I have done on it will bring me, but in spite of the hardships associated with spearheading the county's only online source of news: threatening e-mails, working all hours of night during heavy news periods, and sacrificing personal time; it has been worth it. 

Again, I thank every person and organization who has supported us through out this project and who will continue to lend their assistance as we continue to grow and report on the news that matters to you, the humble reader of this website, and our neighbor in the community. 

- Timothy Knight, Editor and Publisher of the Schoharie News
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