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Schoharie News to Go to Print Later This Year

Written By Cicero on 3/2/15 | 3/2/15

The Schoharie News is expanding to print.

Founded in June 2013 by Timothy Knight, who serves as editor and publisher, The Schoharie News has grown rapidly from only a handful of followers to almost four thousand fans on facebook and over seventy thousand hits monthly. 

Explaining in an email to staff members on Monday morning that "The time for a change in Schoharie County's media landscape is now," Mr. Knight laid out his vision for a newspaper located exclusively in the Schoharie Valley.

Set to publish its introductory issue on a preliminary basis for Tuesday, May 19 for public consumption, The Schoharie News will be available at retailers county wide for 75 cents per issue. An online digital subscription will be available at $32.00 annually. 

At home delivery of The Schoharie News is limited to village residents of Middleburgh and Schoharie and will be offered for $35.00 per year.

Stating that the newspaper's focus will be to "bring our readers - our families, our friends, and our neighbors - the news that they need, and not the news they need less of," Knight expressed his confidence in the project's future. 

"If I didn't believe the people of Schoharie County weren't thirsty for a fresh perspective, I wouldn't have invested the money and time that I have into this historic venture."

Although further details will be released at a later date, The Schoharie News will feature a lively and rotating assortment of columnists offering a wide variety of perspectives on county politics, history, and area lifestyle. 
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Anonymous said...

And that will be the end of that ........

Unknown said...

Good luck! Hats off to anyone starting a new business in this County!

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