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Schoharie Leader Nominees

Written By Editor on 12/17/14 | 12/17/14

The following have been nominated for the Schoharie Leader award, which we will decide in the coming days:

- Steve Hoard, SCS Social Studies Teacher
- Matthew Avitabile, Mayor of Middleburgh
- The Schoharie County Quilt Barn Trail, with sites across the County
- Nancy Brumaghim, essential part of many Cobleskill community projects
- Domenic Saldamarco, Irene volunteer
- Alicia Terry, County Planning Department
- Janet Mayer, who retired after 41 years as Middleburgh's Village Clerk
- The Beekman Boys of Sharon
- Norine Hodges, SCAASA
- James Landauer, for community service
- Matt and Michelle Strobeck, FIT Coalition in Cobleskill
- Josh DeBartolo, Irene volunteer, founder of Schoharie Recovery
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Norie61 said...

It should not be 1 person, it should be all the Volunteers! I nominated all the Volunteers, but don't see them listed, but the likes of some people who haven't done anything is listed.How is Mrs.Terry a leader when she was just demoted for lack of leadership in her Dept, and for not obtaining 1 business for the county in her 20 years of employment? SMH

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