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Opinion: One Thousand Articles

Written By Editor on 7/23/14 | 7/23/14

As the Schoharie News was in the process of editing our article covering Oorah's legal victory over the Town of Jefferson Monday evening, we suddenly realized a major milestone would be achieved upon its completion and publication: our one thousandth published article. 

Sure, not every article was a masterpiece and several focused on nothing more than cold weather (granted, it was frigid outside and a slow news season to boot a significant portion of the past winter), but that is beyond the point.

The point is: we have been able to achieve something never before seen in Schoharie County, outside of the occasional television news coverage, in that information has been unleashed from a once every seven days experience to one that constantly changes and evolves before our readers eyes. 

Additionally, and this would not have been possible without our unbelievably incredible readership, but we have been able to expend our resources into the type of investigative journalism and healthy criticism of local government that has slowly dissipated from news bureaus nationwide.

Of course, such editorial decisions have resulted in allegations of yellow journalism or petty politics from our detractors, but we honestly believe the truth of the matter will always have the final say in how our stories are written and the facts contained within; agree or disagree with them, we digress. 

Although we do not know what the future holds for the Schoharie News, and we are expecting to make several important announcements in the coming weeks, we do know that without the support of our friends, neighbors, and strangers who have made this project the success it is, none of it would have been possible.

Thank you for sticking with us for one thousand articles.
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