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The Schoharie News, WSDE 1190 AM Announce Partnership

Written By Editor on 10/9/16 | 10/9/16

WSDE of Cobleskill and the Schoharie News have announced a partnership. The two media organizations will share news resources and reporting, including breaking news from across Schoharie County. The Schoharie News aims to send original content for WSDE LITE FM 94.3 AM 1190, including interviews of local officials, history programs, and more.

The Schoharie News' owner Matthew Avitabile said that the partnership was a natural choice, praising Ed Sherlock's leadership at WSDE. "I know we can make great things happen," he said, "We will leave no stone unturned."

WSDE owner Ed Sherlock said that he was excited for the endeavor and looked forward to the partnership.

The Schoharie News and WSDE announced a 30% discount for ads taken for both mediums for periods three months or longer. Both companies aim to expand their coverage and move in a mutually beneficial direction for media consumers in Schoharie County. For more information please contact Mr. Sherlock at or the Schoharie News at

Reminder: Schoharie News to Join WSDE on Talking Schoharie Program Wednesday

Written By Editor on 11/22/13 | 11/22/13

Just a reminder for our readership: Schoharie News editor Timothy Knight and WSDE 1190 AM owner Ed Sherlock will be co-hosting the Talking Schoharie program on Wednesday morning from nine until ten on your source for premier local radio coverage.

Also - with the Thanksgiving holiday fast approaching, coverage will be spotty at the Schoharie News as we take a breather from the nonstop current of investigations, political news stories and covering county affairs, but we will continue to monitor the pulse of Schoharie County and update with news as it comes in as well as the continued publication of community events.

As always, feel free to send tips and community news to and if you have an opinion, perhaps concurring with or arguing against that of the Schoharie News or a local politician, we publish letters to the editor as we receive them and without editing.

Once again, we can not offer enough thanks to our wonderful readership and we hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving next week. We will be deciding on several potential changes at the Schoharie News while enjoying the break and working on a couple of outstanding stories from the past couple of weeks.

Schoharie News, WSDE Announce Partnership

Written By Editor on 11/12/13 | 11/12/13

The Schoharie News and WSDE would like to announce a partnership between our news service and Schoharie County's premier radio station AM-1190 WSDE and their affiliate lite-94.3 FM, which is owned and operated by Ed Sherlock of Middleburgh. 

While the details of the partnership are still evolving, both parties have agreed in principle to share content and help promote the other on their respective formats, with the Schoharie News supplying news updates for WSDE's daily broadcasts and WSDE promoting the Schoharie News to potential advertisers and on the air. 

On WSDE's November 27th edition of "Talking Schoharie County," which airs weekly on Wednesday mornings from nine till ten, Schoharie News editor Timothy Knight will co-host the program with Mr. Sherlock to discuss the topics of the day from across the county. 

Both parties will retain full ownership of their original entities and the partnership is subject to continued joint approval. 

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