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Ethington Ad Invokes Irene

Written By Editor on 10/2/13 | 10/2/13

In a new ad at the back of the Cobleskill paper, Sheriff candidate Todd Ethington directly invoked the flood following Hurricane Irene. Ethington's previous election material highlighted what he believed was a slow process of the Sheriff's Department moving back into the Harvey Stoddard complex.

The Deputy ran a third page ad in today's paper calling for a swift recovery for the buildings-- which he says looks like had been flooded just a month prior.
None of the candidates have made such a strong appeal on the back of the flood. Ethington has hinted to a similar line before and Sheriff Desmond's campaign does mention the hardship of dealing with the deluge but this is a significant departure-- and perhaps an escalation of the already heated race.
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Deputy said...

The repair of the PSF isnt on the Sheriff. Talk to the county leaders and FEMA. NO ONE wants the building issue settled more than Sheriff Desmond. Really lame attempt. And the P&P line is great. Now try following what is in place yourself.

Anonymous said...

Sheriff Desmond worked tirelessly during and immediately following Irene to serve and provide for the people of this county, without selfish thought about his building. If you're upset about the facility not being up and running yet, please let the parties responsible know, call your town supervisor.
Another candidate stayed home with his family in the week directly after August 28, 2011. The rest of the Deputies didn't see their families for days. Who do you really want leading you when the chips are down. I was there.

Anonymous said...

The fact that Todd Ethington is married to Cassandra Ethington is reason alone for making sure that this man does not become Sheriff of Schoharie County. Cassandra Ethington is perhaps the most destructive Schoharie County employee, aside from Alicia Terry (Director of Planning, Promotion, Development, Tourism, etc.), that the County has ever employed. Mrs. Ethington received her current position as a favor from Earl Van Wormer, Town Supervisor of Esperance. She has NO experience in Human Resources. ZERO. She has a two year degree in culinary arts, can barely compose a proper sentence (even with an assist from spell check), and is quite nasty to boot. On top of running the Personnel Department, she was also gifted the position of Director of the Department of Health. Again, all with nothing more than a two year degree in culinary arts. This woman needs to be removed and forgotten as soon as possible. And, her husband Todd needs to lose this election.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ethington's campaign is all a part of a personal vendetta that him and his wife, Cassandra Ethington, have against the current Sheriff and his department. Cassandra Ethington was gifted control over the Health Department. She tried to run it into the ground with her illiteracy and complete ineptitude. Cassandra wasn't qualified to clean the houses of the employees that she got rid of in the Health Department, and she had hoped she would be able to do the same in the Sheriff's Department. She was not able to gain her most desired control over the Sheriff's Department, Todd was not gifted a higher rank, and now they have spent all of their personal time (and dare I say a good chunk of their paid County time) trying to take their revenge.

He has done an excellent job of tricking the good people of Schoharie County into thinking that he is a good candidate. But let's make no mistake about it. He is most certainly not.

This race should not even be close. End this nonsense now, and tell you neighbors the truth about those who serve in Schoharie County government. Please.

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