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Ethington Slammed By Deputy Tillapaugh

Written By Editor on 10/7/13 | 10/7/13

Deputy Duane Tillapaugh, a longtime associate of both Demond and Ethington faced the two in June's Republican caucus. Tillapaugh has come in second and has not endorsed a candidate as of yet. However, his feelings on Ethington burst out on Facebook Wednesday in response to the Dan Singletary's comments published last week.
The self proclaimed "Sheriff Todd" is the most UNQUALIFIED candidate in this years Sheriff's race. This guy, who preaches gun safety, was dismissed from the firearms instructor school for dangerously discharging his weapon in the classroom. That's only one bad incident of several in his law enforcement carrier. Those of you who want to know more, give me a call. Those who have his signs because he asked you to put them out, pull them!!!
Ethington's standing in the Schoharie News' unscientific online poll is similarly distressing. Ethington led Desmond on Monday 42%-37% with 300 votes cast. Now, with 507 cast Desmond has assumed a 45-33% lead.

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Administrator said...

Vote early -- vote often.

Deputy said...

Make that 46%-32%
Duane is right! This guy isnt capable of leading a parade not to mention an entire agency.

randy said...

Lets get this straight. Duane works with Todd every day sharing the shift. Duane tries to get nominated to run but hasn't any credentials for the job either... so he loses out. Then he gets the same promises that Todd got four years ago of a non civil service promotion ... that he has no credentials to claim. When the reality is his reputation is about one click better than Todd.

So it's a big surprise when he comes out stabbing his shift partner in the back.
Swell bunch of guys work in Schoharie county.

Deputy said...

Spoken like someone who drank the Fool Aid.

randy said...

You misunderstand. I am sure that Ethington is a marginal deputy at best and certainly does not deserve the vote of anyone that is half aware ....... just saying that he's not the only despicable- marginal deputy in the herd. Just like everywhere else in every group...... there are 30% that are pretty much worthless.

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