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Fracas at Board as Motion to Release Report Blocked

Written By Editor on 10/18/13 | 10/18/13

Part of this article is in fragments due to the fact that it just happened and more will come out later today.

Blenheim Supervisor Bob Mann made a motion to release the report. He asked that whatever the Board knew should be released immediately. Supervisor Michael Brandow of Conesville said that he believed that the Report should not be released at all. He told the Board, "The lawsuits that would come out would probably be millions."

No one seconded the motion so there was no vote on Mann's motion.

There was also a motion because the Fitzmaurice and Walsh Law Firm asked for an additional $5,000 to cover the expenses of the report. Phil Skowfoe said that unless this money was approved the Report could not be released. Passed by a razor-thin margin. Skowfoe made a comment directed to Singletary-- he said that the next part of the Report would be forwarded to the Supervisors because only the first part has been finalized and that a second part was still in processing. Skowfoe said that the Supervisors should keep it to themselves. Attorney Michael West will be redacting names from the Report.

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Chris 10452 said...

This has all the makings of a scandal and it should...these Supervisors are, sadly, amateurs and they've got a tiger by the tail. It's time for somebody to leak this thing. Where's Asange when we need him!

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