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Local Firemen Complete NY State Mutual Aid Resource Management Course

Written By Editor on 10/7/13 | 10/7/13

26 local volunteer firemen successfully completed the New York State Mutual Aid Resource Management training course on September 18th and 19th at the Schoharie Fire Station, which was taught by Shawn Brimhall of the Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services Office of Fire Prevention and Control. 

The course touches on establishing minimum requirements to track resources sent from one county or region to another, such as we have seen in the past couple of years due to two devastating storms and spring flooding, that ensures resources wont be lost under a uniform method of tracking.

Those attending the course from local fire departments: Frank Nestle and Maria Nestle of Canajoharie; Dick Klingbeil, Tim Herzog, Eric Johnson and Dan Rosecrans of Central Bridge; Andrew Tator, Rick Albert, Howard Burt, Ben Righi of Cobleskill; Tim Deffer, Charlie Stanton, Bob Cater and Kyle Smart of Esperance; Amy Wayman of Livingstonville; Adam Buschynski of Middleburgh; Gary Rightmyer of Richmondville; Marty Piece of Schoharie; Stacy Wojciechowski of Sharon Springs and Matt Brisley, Dale Nunamann, Howard Wayman, Rich Cooper, Scott Johnson, Greg Baxter, Aaron Cooper and Peggy Hait of the Schoharie County Fire Coordinator's Office.

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