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Valley Fire Departments Deploy to Sullivan County

Written By Cicero on 5/6/15 | 5/6/15

Aaron and Johnathan Bywater of Central Bridge fight
a smoldering flame side by side. Photo by Matt Brisley
Schoharie Valley firefighters under the direction of County Fire Coordinator Matt Brisley were deployed to Sullivan County on Tuesday morning to assist local fire crews engaged with a massive blaze. 

Starting over the weekend in a rural area of Sullivan County, the fire quickly spread and grew into a mile long inferno that overwhelmed local fire departments. Reinforcements have come in from across the state, including Schoharie County. 

Thirteen firemen and women from the Central Bridge, Grand Gorge, Middleburgh, and Schoharie departments deployed at approximately 6:30 a.m. yesterday, where they were immediately sent to the front-lines to patrol the volatile fire line. 

Fire Coordinator Matt Brisley reported that helicopters were hovering throughout the area to drop buckets of water on the flames, while firemen worked on the ground to prevent the blaze from jumping the established perimeter. 

The Associated Press reported that officials suspect the brush fire was caused as a result of a homeowner burning rubbish outdoors in violation of a statewide burn ban. County crews recently faced this same scenario in Huntersland.
Jason Marsh and John Shaw of Middleburgh
take a breather. Photo by Matt Brisley

Massive Fire Burns 80 Acres in Mburgh, Requires 60+ Firemen to Contain

Written By Cicero on 4/20/15 | 4/20/15

Over sixty firemen and emergency responders were able to contain a massive brush fire in the Town of Middleburgh on Sunday afternoon, but not before the blaze engulfed over eighty acres of land and an arrest was made. 

Originating from the illegal use of a burn barrel at 1974 Huntersland Road, the fire rapidly spread north west to Llama Lane, where a wildlife rescue facility is operated by Darcy and Wes Laraway. The call came in at 1:33 p.m. 

Photo by Wes Laraway.
Also spreading towards Brooky Hollow Road and Decker Road, a fire perimeter was established after approximately four hours of on the ground efforts. Middleburgh Fire Chief Michael Devlin praised the help of all parties involved. 

Telling The Schoharie News that, "It was scary for me," Mr. Laraway felt safe with all of the fire departments at his property, but conceded it would have been "very difficult to start moving the animals" had the fire spread.

Further commenting that wild animals do not move well in an emergency, Laraway pointed out that it wasn't until he "saw all the ash coming down around our barn I started getting nervous." 

The Middleburgh Fire Department will continue to monitor the hot spots said Chief Devlin on Monday morning, but he believes "at this time we have a strong fire line established." Devlin estimated the damages at $2,500. 

An arrest was made for the open burning during red flag warnings, but as of this morning's publication, no details or arrest information has been released to the media by the Department of Environmental Conservation. 

Assistant Fire Chief Jerry Wayman was in command of the fire scene and oversaw the efforts of 67 firemen and first responders from thirteen fire departments, two ambulance squads, and countless others. One firemen was injured. 

Devlin Elected to Fourth Term as Mburgh Fire Chief

Written By Cicero on 4/8/15 | 4/8/15

Middleburgh firefighters organized Tuesday night, electing officers to oversee the municipal fire department's daily operations over the next year. 

Chief Michael Devlin, who has been involved with the department for over twenty-seven years, was elected to his fourth term as operations chief. Joining him as Assistant Chief is his brother, Brian Devlin. 

Other elected officers include: Jerry Wayman as 1st Assistant Chief; Jason Marsh as 2nd Assistant Chief; Jason Diamond as Captain; and, John Shaw Jr. as the Administrative President of the department. 

In addition to serving the Village of Middleburgh, the Middleburgh Fire Department is contracted by the Town of Middleburgh and the Town of Fulton to provide fire coverage. 

Middleburgh FD Hosting Breakfast with Santa this Sunday

Written By Cicero on 12/1/14 | 12/1/14

The Middleburgh Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary is holding a breakfast with Santa on Sunday December 7th. The event is $5 for adults and $3 for kids from 6-12 and seniors. Kids 5 and under are free. The event will be at the Middleburgh Fire House from 8-11am. See below for more information.

Conesville FD Responds in Western NY

Written By Cicero on 11/23/14 | 11/23/14

Some pictures of the dramatic snowfall and recovery efforts were sent to us by Conesville Supervisor Bill Federice. The Conesville FD was one of several local Fire Departments to respond to the western part of New York to deal with the unexpected catastrophic snowfall there.

Firefighter Annmarie Cummings and Firefighter Stephanie Skowfoe.

Carl Fancher, Conesville Fire Chief

Gallupville Fire Department Lauded by Association of Fire Districts for Energy Savings

Written By Cicero on 11/10/14 | 11/10/14

On Saturday, the Wright Fire District (Gallupville Fire Department) was recognized for their energy efficiency efforts over the past several years at The Association of Fire Districts annual Fall Workshop in Latham, NY. The National Grid presentation "Energy Efficiency for Fire Departments" used Wright as an example that even a small district can be a leader in energy efficiency and savings. It was noted that the efficiency efforts undertaken by the Wright Fire District has allowed them to contain costs, while improving their firefighting capabilities, apparatus and tools.

Their efforts began three years ago when they undertook a lighting project to upgrade the interior lights of the station. With the utility incentives available, they were able to bring their payback down to just 14 months. The results exceeded their expectations with greatly improved lighting that was better suited to a fire house, and savings that were so significant it nearly cut their bill in half.

A year later, the District upgraded their insulation. Despite the below normal temperatures of this past winter, they were able to reduce their gas usage over previous, warmer years. The District has currently contracted for the installation of a super-efficient minisplit heat pump to further reduce heating costs. A portion of the cost of this unit is being offset by National Grid’s commercial energy efficiency rebates. They are also receiving bids on upgrading their exterior lights to LED's. The LED lights will use roughly half the electric of the current lights, while reducing maintenance costs with their 50,000 hour life. Again, the District is leveraging National Grid incentives which will cover nearly 40% of the total project cost and yield a 35% return on the investment with just a 2 year payback.

National Grid highlighted these efforts by Wright as an example of steps that they and others have taken to reduce their annual energy budget lines. These reductions have allowed them to remain within the Property Tax Cap while still making critical investments to improve their firefighting capabilities. It was noted that every kilowatt purchased is just overhead that takes away from the more important investments in equipment or training.

Energy efficiency incentives and support are available for all National Grid commercial customers. For more information on how your business can save money, contact and mention you saw it in the Schoharie News.

Two Fires in Conesville Cause Extensive Damage

Written By Editor on 10/29/14 | 10/29/14

From the Schoharie County Fire Wire, we have some unsettling news about two fires that struck Conesville Tuesday.

The two fires required assistance from first responders from local departments in Middleburgh and Livingstonville, as well as departments from Albany and Delaware County. The County also had to dispatch the FAST Team and Fire Investigation Team.

One of the tragic blazes was on Potter Mountain Road in Manorkill . The other was on 990V. Incredible photos from the scenes from the Fire Wire facebok page.

Firemen Rescue Gilboa Couple after Flash Flooding

Written By Editor on 6/27/14 | 6/27/14

Update: County officials have put the cost of flood related repairs on South Gilboa Road at over one hundred and twenty thousand dollars if private contractors are utilized before public crews have the ability to do the work themselves. 

Wednesday night's torrential downpours resulted in the flash flooding of South Gilboa Road just off of State Route 30, where rising waters trapped a couple inside of their home. 

The call came into Schoharie County 911 Dispatch at approximately 7:38 P.M. and emergency rescue operations commenced shortly thereafter by the Grand Gorge Fire Department, which covers the Town of Gilboa by contract. 

Grand Gorge Fire Chief DJ Speenburgh was the incident commander, and upon arriving on scene, requested the assistance of several other area fire departments to aid Grand Gorge's rescue operations, which were bogged down by significant standing water. 

However, while crews were en-route from Rensselaer County with air boats, waters receded enough for firemen to reach the residence and safely extract the couple, who were both unhurt and okay.

Cobleskill Fire Department Readies for 150th Anniversary

Written By Editor on 6/1/14 | 6/1/14

With events planned all day at the Cobleskill Sunshine Fairgrounds, a parade scheduled to march down Main Street at 10 am, and live music performances by Chicken Herders (5:00 pm-9:00 pm) and Skeeter Creek (9:00 pm-closing), the Cobleskill Fire Department is readying for its 150th anniversary celebration on Saturday, June 14 from 10:00 am until midnight. 

The Cobleskill Fire Department serves approximately nine thousand people in a one hundred and fifty square mile area and its origins, dating back to 1864, pre-date the Village of Cobleskill's incorporation in 1868, making it one of the municipality's oldest public institutions. 

Fire Departments Contain Brush Fire on Route 20, No Burn Law in Effect

Written By Editor on 4/14/14 | 4/14/14

                                                                                  Firefighters from the Esperance, Central Bridge, and Delanson volunteer departments responded to a brush fire on Highway Route 20 between the Village of Esperance and the Hamlet of Sloansville on Sunday afternoon. 

The blaze, which fire crews contained, was sparked by nearby residents burning debris. Schoharie County Fire Coordinator Matt Brisley told the Schoharie News afterwards that he wanted to remind local residents that burning brush and debris is, "prohibited in New York State from March 15 to May 15."

Ground conditions are currently very dry with uncleared brush and leaves leftover from last fall offering ample opportunity for fires to spread, as such the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has annually issued a "no burn law" since 2009 to prevent such blazes from occurring. 

Photo submitted by Fire Coordinator Matt Brisley

Charity Basketball Game to Raise Funds for Children with Cancer

Written By Editor on 4/7/14 | 4/7/14

The Stamford and Jefferson Fire Departments are working hard to raise money for two local children with cancer. The departments will face off against each other on April 11th at the Stamford High School at 7pm to raise money for Scout Lamport and Bryc Cole. All are invited!

Information from the Schoharie County Fire Wire facebook page.

Stamford's Historic Rexmere Claimed by Flames

Written By Editor on 3/26/14 | 3/26/14

After standing for over one hundred and fifteen years, hosting thousands upon thousands of guests at its height, the historic Rexmere Hotel stands no more in Stamford after being engulfed by flames yesterday morning. It took only a couple of hours for the seven story structure to succumb to the fire, despite the gallant efforts of hundreds of firefighters. 

The Watershed Post was on the scene, capturing haunting photographs of the once prized mansion and offering extensive background information about the structure, which was recently put on the market after being utilized for years as administrative offices by BOCES

Photo credit: Lissa Harris, Watershed Post
Among the estimated three hundred area firefighters on scene, several companies responded from Schoharie County, but little could be done to save the wooden tinderbox from the destructive flames that brought upon the official end to what was once a thriving network of wooden, majestic 19th century hotels that will never be seen again.

County Fire Fighters Complete Training Course

Written By Editor on 3/23/14 | 3/23/14

Members from multiple fire departments from across the County and outside have undergone training. In a post on the Schoharie County Fire Wire Facebook  page, the group successfully completed the NYS Scene Support Operations class. Firefighters from Carlisle, Cobleskill, Esperance, Jefferson, Richmondville, West Fulton and Stamford Heights participated.

Photo credit Schoharie Fire Wire.

Gallupville Fish Fry this Saturday

Written By Editor on 3/19/14 | 3/19/14

The Gallupville Fire Department Auxiliary is holding a fundraiser fish fry this Saturday, March 22nd. The event, from 5-7pm is a take-out meal for just $9. All proceeds assist the School House Refurbishment Fund.
Photo Credit: Schoharie Count Fire Wire Facebook Page

Summit Fire Department Spaghetti Dinner March 30th

Written By Editor on 3/18/14 | 3/18/14

The Summit Fire Department and Summit Conservation Club are holding a spaghetti dinner on Sunday. March 30th to benefit a local family. The event, that starts at 1pm costs just $10 for adults and $5 for children.
Photo credit: Schoharie County Fire Wire Facebook Page

Charlotteville Fire Department to Host Buffet Dinner March 14th

Written By Editor on 2/27/14 | 2/27/14

The Charlotteville Volunteer Fire Department will be hosting a benefit buffet dinner on Friday, March 14th from 5-7:30 p.m. 

Members of the public are invited to attend the community spread, which will feature an exciting Irish themed menu of corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, Irish soda break, green bean casserole, and much more.

Cost of admittance ranges from $9.95 for adults, $5.00 for kids 6-12, and no charge for children six and under. For more information, please contact Georgia at 607-397-8054.

Central Bridge Fire Department Joins Facebook

Written By Editor on 2/16/14 | 2/16/14

The Central Bridge Fire Department has joined many of the other Fire Departments of the County by joining Facebook. In just several days, their page has attracted hundreds of likes. The site is right here for you to like.

Alleged Arson, Explosions in Knox as Man Has Standoff With Police, Firemen

Written By Editor on 2/6/14 | 2/6/14

A Knox man allegedly intentionally set fire to his garage and then blocked access to the area for fire and police personnel. When the first responders arrived to the fire around 10:30pm last night, the man refused to come out and did not turn himself in until 7:00am this morning.

During the fire, propane tanks and ammunition exploded on Saddlemire Road in Knox. He threatened any first responders if they came closer and blocked off access to his property by cutting down trees. He allegedly had a handgun with him during the incident.

NEWS10 ABC: Albany, New York News, Weather, Sports

The man was believed to be armed and dangerous was identified as 49-year old Kenneth Fortuin. He is charged with 3rd degree arson and with blocking fire department operations. He may be charged with more as the investigation continues.

More information from News 6.

Local Fire Departments Train for Ice Rescues

Written By Editor on 1/30/14 | 1/30/14

Members of six fire departments and other local agencies were involved in an ice rescue training exercise this past weekend. Members of Middleburgh, Jefferson, Richmondville, Cobleskill, Sharon Springs and Hunterland Fire Departments were on call for the event, as were members of the Sheriff's Department and the Schoharie County Search and Rescue Team.
 Cold-water rescues aren't all that uncommon in the area, Shaw said. Last month, he said, the Middleburgh Fire Department responded to two calls in two weeks that involved cars in water in subzero temperatures. On one of the calls, a firefighter had to go into the water to cut a victim free.  
 In nearby Delaware County, three people died in two separate drowning incidents in late December of 2013, after falling through ice while out walking. 
 More info at the Watershed Post, which published a good article on the subject.

Central Bridge Fire Department Hosts Santa at Community Pancake Breakfast

Written By Editor on 12/24/13 | 12/24/13

The Central Bridge Fire Department hosted a successful community pancake breakfast Sunday morning that featured a special guest straight from the North Pole, good 'ole Saint Nicholas, who gave his time this busy holiday season to take pictures with local children in a particularly jolly manner right before Christmas.

Chief Johnson (left) and President Hofmann pose with Santa
Members of the department, who serve as the backbone of the small hamlet located between the Towns of Schoharie and Esperance, came out in full force and volunteered to help during every step of the event from pictures with Santa to serving hungry customers who donated what they could to Central Bridge's finest and everything in between.

In addition to good food and friends, hugs were also available
According to post-event estimates, approximately one hundred and twenty-five people attended the pancake breakfast, which raised four to five hundred dollars for the small community fire department and exceeded that of last year's pre-Christmas event. 

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