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Gallupville Fire Department Lauded by Association of Fire Districts for Energy Savings

Written By Cicero on 11/10/14 | 11/10/14

On Saturday, the Wright Fire District (Gallupville Fire Department) was recognized for their energy efficiency efforts over the past several years at The Association of Fire Districts annual Fall Workshop in Latham, NY. The National Grid presentation "Energy Efficiency for Fire Departments" used Wright as an example that even a small district can be a leader in energy efficiency and savings. It was noted that the efficiency efforts undertaken by the Wright Fire District has allowed them to contain costs, while improving their firefighting capabilities, apparatus and tools.

Their efforts began three years ago when they undertook a lighting project to upgrade the interior lights of the station. With the utility incentives available, they were able to bring their payback down to just 14 months. The results exceeded their expectations with greatly improved lighting that was better suited to a fire house, and savings that were so significant it nearly cut their bill in half.

A year later, the District upgraded their insulation. Despite the below normal temperatures of this past winter, they were able to reduce their gas usage over previous, warmer years. The District has currently contracted for the installation of a super-efficient minisplit heat pump to further reduce heating costs. A portion of the cost of this unit is being offset by National Grid’s commercial energy efficiency rebates. They are also receiving bids on upgrading their exterior lights to LED's. The LED lights will use roughly half the electric of the current lights, while reducing maintenance costs with their 50,000 hour life. Again, the District is leveraging National Grid incentives which will cover nearly 40% of the total project cost and yield a 35% return on the investment with just a 2 year payback.

National Grid highlighted these efforts by Wright as an example of steps that they and others have taken to reduce their annual energy budget lines. These reductions have allowed them to remain within the Property Tax Cap while still making critical investments to improve their firefighting capabilities. It was noted that every kilowatt purchased is just overhead that takes away from the more important investments in equipment or training.

Energy efficiency incentives and support are available for all National Grid commercial customers. For more information on how your business can save money, contact and mention you saw it in the Schoharie News.
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