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Local Quilt Shops to Collect Food During This Week's Shop Hop Event

Written By Editor on 5/6/14 | 5/6/14

Esperance, New York (May 5, 2014) Eleven local quilt shops have joined together to create a fun Shop Hop May 8-11. Shop Hoppers will have the opportunity to travel to eleven different shops, entering for door prizes and receiving patterns for a shop hop project along the way. Each shop will accept donations of non perishable food or a local food pantry during the Hop.

Hoppers who visit all eleven shops will receive a prize and be eligible to win one of three gift certificate packages, collectively valued at over $2,500. For more information please visit the event's official facebook page.

The Quiltbug shop is also sponsoring a raffle quilt and collecting donations for Cystic Fibrosis research. Located just over the Schoharie Creek bridge on Main Street in Esperance, this quilt shop is packed with fabric, books, batting, patterns, notions, sewing supplies and other amenities beloved by quilters and crafters.

For more information, please contact Kris Driessen at 1-888-817-6577 or by e-mail at

Fire Departments Contain Brush Fire on Route 20, No Burn Law in Effect

Written By Editor on 4/14/14 | 4/14/14

                                                                                  Firefighters from the Esperance, Central Bridge, and Delanson volunteer departments responded to a brush fire on Highway Route 20 between the Village of Esperance and the Hamlet of Sloansville on Sunday afternoon. 

The blaze, which fire crews contained, was sparked by nearby residents burning debris. Schoharie County Fire Coordinator Matt Brisley told the Schoharie News afterwards that he wanted to remind local residents that burning brush and debris is, "prohibited in New York State from March 15 to May 15."

Ground conditions are currently very dry with uncleared brush and leaves leftover from last fall offering ample opportunity for fires to spread, as such the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has annually issued a "no burn law" since 2009 to prevent such blazes from occurring. 

Photo submitted by Fire Coordinator Matt Brisley

Schoharie School Band to March in Central Bridge, Esperance Memorial Day Parades

Written By Editor on 4/9/14 | 4/9/14

Months of brewing contention between two local communities and the Schoharie Central School District over the use of the school's marching band on Memorial Day weekend has been resolved, according to a press release issued by the school. 

Controversy was ignited last fall when the school dropped Central Bridge from their parade route, citing scheduling conflicts, and was further inflamed by the Esperance Fire Department when they uninvited the band in solidarity with their neighboring community. 

In a meeting held last week between representatives of all parties and Assemblyman Pete Lopez, who mediated the conflict, a compromise was agreed upon in-which the high school band will march in the Central Bridge parade and the elementary/junior varsity squad will do likewise in the Village of Esperance.

Praising the Schoharie Central School District's commitment to volunteer fire departments and emergency rescue squads to join in honoring this country's veterans, Assemblyman Lopez stated that he was "very pleased that his office could help bring everyone together to work through this." He would later add, "this is the right thing to do." 

Central Bridge Fire Chief Scott Johnson thanked all parties involved for coming together and reaching a compromise that will see Schoharie's youth participate in both communities Memorial Day parades, which will be held on Monday, May 26th. Superintendent Brian Sherman added that both bands have been practicing in anticipation. 

Opinion: Keep Earl Supervisor

Written By Editor on 10/31/13 | 10/31/13

There is but one logical choice in the Town of Esperance's contentious campaign between incumbent Supervisor Earl Van Wormer and Village of Esperance Mayor Steve Miller - and that is undoubtedly to "Keep Earl Supervisor," as hundreds of signs proclaim across the small town's roadsides.
Mr. Van Wormer, who was first elected to the position in 1993, has successfully accomplished the dramatic reduction of energy costs for county government and the acquisition of millions of dollars for Esperance projects through state grants, including his town's unique position as the only non-village in the county to receive funds in Governor Cuomo's recently announced $12 million package.
Although no longer serving as Board of Supervisors Chairman, a position he held for almost ten years in a time where county government worked effectively and without widespread controversy, Mr. Van Wormer continues to bring a sense of compromise and passion to his work on the board despite tensions reaching an all time high among the other supervisors.
Mr. Van Wormer's twenty years of service might be a good enough reason for some to pull the level for his opponent on Tuesday, but the way we see is that Earl still has a lot to contribute to both the town and county governments and that we cannot afford to lose a cool headed, independent statesmen in this time of political upheaval.
As such, the Schoharie News would like to endorse Mr. Van Wormer in Tuesday's election and hope he continues to play a pivotal role in shaping county politics for years to come.

Esperance 2013 Interview: Miller vs. Van Wormer

Written By Editor on 10/30/13 | 10/30/13

Note: The original version of this article incorrectly stated that Mr. Van Wormer had "better things to do" if his bid for reelection failed. This was a mistake on behalf of the editor and has since been corrected to reflect Mr. Van Wormer's actual quote. 

Town of Esperance residents have a choice between two leaders in next Tuesday's election for supervisor: incumbent Supervisor Earl Van Wormer and Village of Esperance Mayor Steve Miller, both of whom recently discussed the upcoming election with the Schoharie News.


Van Wormer - Mr. Van Wormer, who has served as Town Supervisor for twenty years, wears many hats including code enforcement officer, pest management and poultry judge to name a few, but he is most proud of the things he has "accomplished: not just on a town but also a county level."

Miller - Mr. Miller, who has served as Village Mayor for seven years, has owned Miller's BBQ Catering for thirty years in Esperance as well as an income tax firm for almost ten in nearby Duanesburg. He also served in the U.S. Navy for twelve years - four active, eight reserve.


Van Wormer - Mr. Van Wormer admitted he "doesn't know" which way the voters of Esperance are leaning, but that he has been going door to door and was at the time of our interview planning a newsletter stating his case for reelection to the electorate, stating that "a lot of people don't know what's been accomplished in the Town of Esperance," and that his focus is to emphasize those accomplishments - including millions in grants received from New York State for not only flood recovery but town projects and future goals of flood mitigation in Fly Creek and continuing town road repairs.

Miller - Mr. Miller stated twice that town residents are "ready for a change" and that he will appear on the Democratic line despite initial attempts from Van Wormer supporters to block his nomination at their caucus. Mr. Miller is focusing heavily on his record as Village Mayor, which includes cosmetic enhancements to both the village hall and the local pavilion as well as an ambulance for the fire department. And stated that "the reason were successful in the village is because we work together."

County Level

Van Wormer - Mr. Van Wormer's record on the county level is extensive: serving as board chairman for nearly a decade, during which he fostered a decrease in county energy costs from nearly 17 cents per kilowatt hour when he was first elected chair to 6.24 cents today - with potential for that rate to fall to 5 cents in the near future. Mr. Van Wormer also gained fishing access for residents to the Schoharie Creek. His policies, if reelected, center around expanding broadband and cell access countywide and continued flood mitigation efforts.

Miller - Mr. Miller's record is Esperance-centric, but the candidate did have comments to offer concerning the board he hopes to sit on in January: declaring that "they are not working together," are "dysfunctional" and that he would "vote the best for my people." Mr. Miller, when asked if he would remain independent of the two leading factions on the county board, responded that he wasn't going there to "make friends," but to "do business."

The Report

Van Wormer - Mr. Van Wormer has been a strong advocate of the Fitzmaurice report from its origins almost twenty months ago and motioned for the first section's release last Thursday evening after four hours of executive session. Although concerned with the ballooning costs of the investigation, Mr. Van Wormer believes it was done for the right reasons.

Miller - Mr. Miller believes that it was "sad someone was given that amount of power," referring to Personnel Director Cassandra Ethington's implications in the report and that for her to run both departments was "done illegally." He also said that he would question County Attorney Michael West for not preventing her control of the Health Department.

Final Statement

Van Wormer - "If the people want me the next couple of years, I will do it. But if they think Steve Miller is the better man: I got other things I can do in this world." He concluded by saying that he does "all I can do to help everybody."

Miller - "Basically: if they vote for me they are going to get someone who's going to work for them," and his "financial background is strong," with years of public and private budgetary experience.

Landis Featured in NYS DEC Publication

Written By Editor on 10/10/13 | 10/10/13

Schoharie County's own Landis Arboretum has been recognized for its great views of nature and the spirit of the area. In this month's Outdoor Discovery newsletter, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation profiled just a part of what Landis Arboretum offers. It notes that "The arboretum is home to dozens of species of birds and other wildlife."

From the DEC's website

The Best of the Summer

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