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Middleburgh Honors Volunteers in Emotional Ceremony

Written By Editor on 10/20/13 | 10/20/13

Members of Middleburgh's community gathered Saturday at the Fire House for an event honoring the hundreds of volunteers that assisted in the recovery following Hurricane Irene in 2011. Organized by Carol Coltrain, the ceremony was attended by over 100 people, including many volunteers from out of state.

Mrs. Coltrain started the ceremony with a remembrance of the great work done to assist those in need. She recounted how volunteers began coming on "day two" and the unflagging spirit of both the people of Middleburgh and those that came to help. She praised the efforts of the Middleburgh and Huntersland Fire Departments and the Town and Village crews for their incredible work.

She was followed by Supervisor Jim Buzon who recounted the efforts and the perseverance of the people of Middleburgh.

Mayor Matthew Avitabile spoke next, stating that the progress over the last two years was incredible. He presented the Key to the Village to Josh DeBartolo, Mrs. Coltrain, Jiggy Drinon, and Kitchell Paser for their efforts after Irene.

Congressman Chris Gibson recounted that Americans' division are small compared to their similarities. He said that Middleburgh was an example for the people of the area.

Tatiana Boba of Assemblyman Peter Lopez's office presented certificates from the Assembly for both the people of the Village and Town of Middleburgh.

Volunteer coordinator Jack Hill said that Middleburgh's residents showed their appreciation for both himself and the volunteers and that he was proud of the friendship and hospitality of the people of the community.

Former Mayor William Ansel-McCabe recounted how he "sat on the steps in front of the old Dentist's office" for two weeks after Irene.

Special bookmarks and handmade crosses were handed out to the flood victims in an emotional ceremony.

A special plaque that came all the way from Arkansas was unveiled in front of the Fire House.
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