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Rundown of Supervisors For/Against Releasing the Report

Written By Editor on 10/21/13 | 10/21/13

The fight over whether or not the controversial Fitzmaurice and Walsh Report is continuing with the Supervisors themselves staking out positions on whether or not the Report should be released and when.

Yes, Immediately

- Gene Milone of Schoharie has been the strongest proponent of releasing as much information as possible and voted to prepare the document for release.
- Jim Buzon of Middleburgh.
- Carl Barbic of Seward.
- Sandra Manko of Sharon.
- Earl van Wormer of Esperance.
- Phil Skowfoe of Fulton.
- Tony van Glad of Gilboa.

In the Middle

- Tom Murray of Cobleskill did motion in September to release the Report. At the same meeting he called for funding to complete it to be halted and in October voted against $5,000 to finish the process for release.
- Bob Mann of Blenheim motioned this month to release the Report but voted against the $5,000 for release.

No or Release After Election

- Michael Brandow of Conesville said at Friday's meeting "The lawsuits that would come out would probably be millions."
- Dan Singletary of Jefferson believes that the whole process is a witch hunt.
- Harold Vroman called for an investigation into the Report itself, which would delay its release until after the election.
- Anne Batz voted against funding to finish the Report and said that month that she believed the Report has become political.
- Richard Lape of Richmondville.
- Larry Bradt of Carlisle.

Not Known

- No current Supervisor in the Town of Wright.

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Unknown said...

Release the dam thing Only if these supervisor would work for the people of this county instead of there self's We would be alot better off

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