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Fired Employee to Board: "I Want the Truth"

Written By Editor on 10/21/13 | 10/21/13

Penny Grimes was fired from the Schoharie County Health Department in late 2011 and has always maintained that this was an unjust termination. She even filed a lawsuit that was later dismissed requesting her job reinstated and for action taking for what she accused was a series of harassment in the Department.

Her complaints were just one in a series that sparked the Report.

On Friday, she appeared before the County Board looking for answers. She demanded that what she had experienced becomes public.

"I am totally sick of reading lies, innuendos, and having this referred to as a witch hunt and hearsay. I was there. I lived it. I told my story to you 20 months ago... I want... you wrecked my life but you know what, I came back."

Photo credit: SCHOPEG
She referred to coming to the Board in late 2011 to beg the Board to consider her position but was still ultimately fired. "I won't forget for as long as I live how I was treated here... You weren't there... for the better part of a year... I was an excellent employee and there was no disputing that.... I hope the discerning voters see unequivocally that this Board by doing what you did the right thing.

"So why don't you look me in the eye now... if you need $2,500 to make this come out I'll give it to you."

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