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Report May Not Be Released, Only Recommendations Thursday

Written By Editor on 10/21/13 | 10/21/13

With the frustration surrounding the probe into alleged misconduct in the County reaching an apex, it would seem that the infamous Fitzmaurice and Walsh Report should be released with no delay. At 5pm on Thursday, October 24th the County Board will sit down with the Fitzmaurice Group attorneys in executive session to listen to a presentation on what was found in the Report that has been described as over 100 pages.

But that might not be all.

The County Board members will know what is in the "Report," a draft of which has been on their desks for months now.

Only the second part, the recommendations currently being researched by the lawyers, may be released.

The first part is easily the most interesting portion but could be the most controversial. The names of most participants will be blocked out-- lower level employees and those that were harassed were promised their anonymity.

According to County Attorney Mike West, the first part of the Report may be placed upon the County website and could be requested via the Freedom of Information Act. There is no guarantee that it is released. Currently the weighted votes of the Supervisors that favor the immediate release is almost exactly met by those that either desire no release at all or to wait until after the election.

Still, the risk of the Report being delayed or ultimately not being released at all is too great for many involved in the case or the taxpayers that paid $305,000 for the compilation.
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