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Milone: Report Shows "Desperate need of a County Executive."

Written By Editor on 10/19/13 | 10/19/13

Town of Schoharie Supervisor Gene Milone, who is seeking reelection against former supervisor Martin Shrederis in a rematch of 2011's race, was hopeful heading into yesterday's county board meeting that they would finally have answers on the long awaited Fitzmaurice Report. Which unfortunately was not the case.
Although Chairman Phil Skowfoe's announcement was yet another delay, this time until Thursday October 24th, Mr. Milone was sure of one evident need that this nearly two year old fiasco has made clear: that we are in "desperate need of a county executive."
Arguing that "the community needs someone to monitor what's going on" beyond the county board's monthly meetings, Mr. Milone was optimistic that in the aftermath of the report being released that "the board [would] put in policies and procedures to make this doesn't happen again." Including the creation of a county executive.
Mr. Milone helped initiate this entire process by making the motion authorizing this investigation by the Fitzmaurice law firm twenty months ago. And with its contents just days away from official release, he appears to be looking towards the aftermath and what steps we can take in order to avoid this again on a policy level and a structural level within county government.
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