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"The Report" a Behemoth

Written By Editor on 10/24/13 | 10/24/13

At an inch tall and 104 pages long, the Fitzmaurice and Walsh Law Firm's look into the operations of Schoharie County have been eye-opening to say the least. We are currently reading through the Report, but would like to give a few broad outlines. Of 385 current County employees, 274 returned a questionnaire to use.

The interviews took place across the County. Most were done in the County building itself while others were done in the County DPW garage, the Probabtion Department, the DMV, the Transportation Department and, the Old Stone Fort. The former employees were mostly interviewed at an undisclosed hotel.

During the interview, only the person interviewed and two members of the law firm were allowed in the room. Two Department heads and members of the Sheriff's Department had an attorney represent them. All employees were informed that the County had a "firm policy prohibiting retaliation" for participating.

The interviewees were assured of their confidentiality, which "dispel[ed] the fears of most, although not all, of the employees."

Those interviewed were asked a two part question. Had they heard or knew of discrimination, harassment, or intimidation in the workplace? The other part was if the employee themself had been a victim or had witnessed the acts in person. The only recordings of the interview are custody of the attorney's firm and not the County. Most Sheriff's deputies chose to not significantly cooperate with the investigation.

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