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"The Report" Weighs Heavily in Schoharie Race

Written By Editor on 10/3/13 | 10/3/13

This is round number three for Gene Milone and Martin Shrederis. They have faced each other in 2009, 2011, and this year. Shrederis won in 2010 by a 54-46% margin and Milone won 56-44% in 2011. With Schoharie still rebuilding after the flood, this year's race may be a tight one.

There have been many issues that have surfaced in the Town of Schoharie and some have been more influential than others. While both candidates may not wish to speak about the "report" coming out later this month, it appears that it is the most frenetic issue.

At the County Board meeting two weeks ago, Milone said that the report was meant to retrieve the "truth" over allegations of misconduct at the County level. Milone and Middleburgh Supervisor Jim Buzon were two of the strongest supporters of beginning the report process. Mr. Milone is perhaps the most visible proponent of researching the allegations.

Meanwhile the rumblings from the people associated with the Shrederis camp is that the report will show almost no validity and that it was a waste of $300,000. A call in to Mr. Shrederis two weeks ago about the issue was not returned.

About what the report itself will say, it is yet unknown. However, Mr. Milone does have something that the former Supervisor does not: he has transcripts of the interviews that is leading to the report's formation. Sources also suggest that at least one person from the Town of Schoharie will be indicated in the report although the timing (before the current Supervisor's term) automatically precludes anything negative about Milone.

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Anonymous said...

Of course Martin Schrederis (and Dan Singletary, and Bob Mann, and Alicia Terry, and Cassandra Ethington, and Tom Murray, and Harold Vroman) is doing everything that he can to discredit "The Report". Martin Schrederis is so closely tied to all the wrongdoing that "The Report" was designed to reveal, that he has only two options going forward. Option #1 is to be a man and own up to all of the crooked dealings that he was embroiled in with all of the above mentioned criminals. Option #2 is to deny and discredit any effort to reveal the truth about his and others' actions. He surely won't pick Option #1, because quite honestly he isn't intelligent enough. He is being used and played by people far more clever than him, and the sad thing is he doesn't even realize it and goes right along with their wicked ways. The same can be said about Mr. Singletary and Mr. Vroman. (Ethington, Murray and Terry are the real captains of this doomed voyage.) (There is no excuse for Bob Mann, who appears to have a level head on his shoulders. Wake up Mr. Mann and do some good for a change. You have the potential to be a real leader. Stop trying to get dealt into a hand of poker in the cool kids' bunk at summer camp. This isn't a game.) This race should go to Milone handily with or without the revelations contained within "The Report", however, when "The Report" is revealed, any possible chance of Martin ever holding public office in this community again will shrivel up quicker than the chances of someone out of the good ole' boys system getting a fair shake.

Martin Schrederis was a disgrace to the office of Town Supervisor. Someone please tell him to stop embarrassing himself and just leave. I hear Dennis Richards is looking for a roommate in Florida. May they never return.

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