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Desmond Endorsed by Cohn

Written By Editor on 10/3/13 | 10/3/13

Sheriff Anthony Desmond has received another high-profile endorsement as former Cobleskill Supervisor Roger Cohn has thrown his support behind him. In a message from Cohn printed on Desmond's Facebook page, the Sheriff received glowing praise:
"I served with and sat next to Tony when I was on the Schoharie County Board of Supervisors as the Supervisor for the Town of Cobleskill. I found that he always reviewed and gave a great deal of thought to the issues before the Board and then voted accordingly. I'm sure that he follows that same pattern in carrying out his duties as Sheriff of our County. I wholeheartedly endorse Tony as he seeks reelection to the Office as Sheriff of our County. A good man like Tony comes along just now and then. Vote for Shefiff Desmond.
This also comes as Desmond received more signs yesterday and is preparing a large October push.
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