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Vroman on The Report: We Need Attorney Investigate the Investigation

Written By Editor on 10/19/13 | 10/19/13

Following almost an hour of intense debate concerning the controversial Fitzmaurice Report, former Board of Supervisors Chairman and Summit Supervisor Harold Vroman threw a curve ball into the mix when he stated that "We need the Attorney General to come down and investigate the investigation," to a mixed reaction of applause and murmuring at the monthly meeting.

Mr. Vroman's suggestion, which came not long after he voted against a motion to pay the law firm an additional $5,000 for next Thursday evening's presentation of their findings and recommendations, turned everyone's attention from the hotly anticipated report to possibly expanding its findings to the next level.
Although no motions were made after fellow supervisors advised Mr. Vroman that such a step should not take place after until after the report is released.
In a conversation yesterday evening with Esperance supervisor Earl VanWormer, who served as board chairman before his Summit counterpart, Mr. VanWormer paraphrased another comment made at the meeting along that lines that if the state review isn't enough - should we appeal to the FBI and so on? He also defended the integrity of the law firm, adding that they have "no interest in Schoharie County" to risk their professional reputation on.
But with supervisors admittedly only knowing parts of the Fitzmaurice Report and not even the final copy the law firm is completing right now: it is obviously too early to begin questioning the results and requesting the state attorney's office confirm whatever findings may have resulted from the $305,000 investigation.
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