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Board Names Charity Bender as Interim Deputy Personnel Director

Written By Editor on 11/15/13 | 11/15/13

The Town of Carlisle Supervisor and Personnel Committee Chairman Larry Bradt reported to the Board of Supervisors in this morning's session that New York State Civil Service has recommended the creation of a interim Deputy Personnel Director to fill in while current Personnel Director Cassandra Ethington remains suspended following the release of the Fitzmaurice Report in late October.

Mr. Bradt, who made a motion for the position to be created, followed up by motioning that current Deputy Board of Supervisors Clerk Charity Bender should be named to head it. Ms. Bender, argued the Carlisle Supervisor, is qualified for the job and would remain in her current position while also handling the duties of the Personnel Office when need be.

With lunch recess approaching and County Attorney Mike West's presence not expected until after one, discussion of the matter was delayed until the afternoon session, which was passed by voice-vote on a motion to table by Jefferson Supervisor Dan Singletary.

If Bradt's motion to create an interim Deputy Personnel Director is approved this afternoon, it would represent the Board's beginning framework of what a post-Ethington Personnel Office will look like in county government. The introduction of Ms. Bender to oversee its operations in the present signals the Board of looking for outsiders to take the reins of the troubled department.

Update - The Schoharie News has just learned that the Board has approved Ms. Bender's appointment and she is now the legal head of the county's Personnel Office. We will update with for more information as we receive it.

Update 2 - Ms. Bender's motion passed 9-3, with Supervisors Murray, Singletary and Vroman voting against.
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