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Cherry to Board: Relocate County Jail

Written By Editor on 11/15/13 | 11/15/13

County Treasurer and Flood Recovery Coordinator William Cherry presented multiple facets of ongoing relief efforts to the County Board of Supervisors earlier today. Among the items was a proposal to move the jail from its existing location to higher ground. The Harvey Stoddard complex remains heavily damaged and a complete solution has not been agreed upon.

On November 1 Senator Chuck Schumer visited the site and agreed with the position of elevation. Treasurer Cherry wrote a letter to Governor Cuomo's office asking for a solution. The issue revolving around the jail will be included with a set of FEMA-related issues that Cuomo's office is sending to Washington.

In his letter to the Governor, Cherry argues that replacing the jail in its current location "doesn't make sense if building a new, relocated facility is cost-effective." In his figures, $14 million would be required to fix the in situ jail and $18.7 to relocate the facility to a location out of the floodplain. He also points out that FEMA must consider the idea of rebuilding in a floodplain if "any such possibility exists."

Cherry continues that the existing site would not only be flood prone, but that emergency response could be hampered. "Every single one of those critical offices was rendered inoperable" due to Hurricane Irene.
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Unknown said...

I hope the Feds can finally get this right. The 911 center is in the Public Safety building too. It needs to be moved to a place that isn't flood prone. The Schoharie County Fire Chief's Association fought moving it there back in the 90's and they have lobbied for it to be moved to high and dry ground now.

Unknown said...

Residents of the County should also write to our Elected Officials in Albany to help push the issue. The Emergency Operations Center was evacuated and people didn't know how to contact us because our backup EOC was not reachable. Our 911 Dispatchers, even after being told to evacuate the building, stayed to answer calls until other Dispatchers could get the backup system up and running. Our County Government sees that our EOC and 911 Center are too critical to put back into the we have to make sure the State and Feds agree!

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