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Board of Elections Complaint Alleges Push Polling in Jefferson Race

Written By Editor on 11/1/13 | 11/1/13

Disconcerting allegations of push polling and deception in the Town of Jefferson Supervisor election have made their way to the Schoharie County District Attorney's office after a initial complaint was filed with the Board of Elections on Tuesday afternoon.

The complaint, which was forwarded to the District Attorney's office on the recommendation of both the county's election commissioners (GOP Chairman Lewis Wilson, Democrat Chairman Clifford Hay), alleges that a poll being conducted by CSI Campaign Research was intentionally skewing their questions to create a negative portrayal of Republican Sean Jordan and the nature of his separation from county employment.

According to details the Schoharie News learned off the record and were confirmed by one of the election commissioners in a phone conversation earlier this afternoon, the poll asked a series of three questions - the first of which concerned the emergency broadcast system, followed by one that asked if the participant would vote for Supervisor Dan Singletary if he proposed a 0% tax increase, with the last asking if the respondent would vote for Mr. Jordan if they knew he was fired from his county position.

The last section is what spurred one recipient of the survey to file a complaint with the Board of Elections, due to the fact it untruthfully claimed that Mr. Jordan was fired from his position as an Economic Development Assistant when in reality he was layed-off in December 2011. Mr. Jordan later sought reinstatement in Jordan v. Schoharie County, accusing Alicia Terry of wrongful termination based on "personal animus," but was denied.

Neither the Board of Elections nor the Schoharie News has been able to discover any information on the alleged polling firm in the complaint, which now awaits further investigation by the District Attorney's office.

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