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BREAKING: Board Votes to Put Ethington on Leave

Written By Editor on 11/1/13 | 11/1/13

It was a warm November night when most of the Board of Supervisors entered into the County Building. However, three of their number were not there. Bob Mann of Blenheim, Tom Murray of Cobleskill, Anne Batz of Broome all were not in attendance as the Board as they voted on what to do regarding the infamous second part of the Fitzmaurice Report and to deal with Personnel Director.

There was a round of applause when the Board voted on what to do with Cassandra Ethington.

The Board voted 10-2 to suspend the personnel director with pay until a public hearing for possible termination for cause. This would take at least 30 days.

Voting no: Daniel Singletary of Jefferson and Harold Vroman of Summit. Singletary attacked Bill Cherry-- getting another hit in on the Treaurer before the election. Singletary also said that getting rid of Ethington was closing a major office an an "outrageous action" by the Board.

"It was a reign of terror," said former employee Penny Grimes about Ethington's tenure.

Anne Batz showed up after the vote.

Rundown of Second Report Articles:

- Second Report: Ethington Threatened Lawsuits Against those that Spoke to Investigators Against Her 

- Fears of Job-for-Political Favors Trade 

 - Ethington claimed not to want Health Director job, wrote own hiring letter 

- Ethington fired employee that questioned her position as Health Director
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Norie61 said...


Norie61 said...
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Richard A. Sherman said...

I attended the meeting last night and there were glaringly conspicuous absences.
Now I realize this was a Special Meeting and perhaps one or two, or even three MIGHT have "previously scheduled conflicts", however that likelihood diminishes drastically when you consider who the absentees were. Perhaps they were campaigning in hopes of being knighted once again to be the face of their community. This was possibly the biggest issue to cross their desks since any of them have been on the County Board. CORRUPTION TRUMPS ALL! We have had monumental issues throughout our great history as a community and recently the devastating flood and we always recover and move forward. Hell, we have been doing that for the last 300 years, but CORRUPTION TRUMPS ALL! and this issue trumps anything over the past 64 years (my memory) as it goes to the heart of how justice was served for the citizens by the County Board. I pray that this was a recent phenomenon brought on by some bad seeds, however it appears that some of the seasoned veterans, current and past, of County government were fully on board and facilitating the flow of PERCEIVED power.
If we are going to do this purge let's do it all the way and start with a clean slate.
I also wish to note that I was moved deeply by Penny's passionate account of the nightmare she had to face at their hands, yet only 2 of the "alleged" offenders had the courage, or more likely hubris, to attend. Perhaps their inflated egos thought they might still be able to work their dark magic and get the report scuttled at the last minute.
I have every confidence that DA Sackett will see that justice prevails in this case. It may not be exactly what any of us might want to see, but if DA Sackett is in charge it will be justice for sure. Richard Sherman

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