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Election 2013 Interview: Cobleskill

Written By Editor on 11/4/13 | 11/4/13

The Schoharie News reached out to both candidates in the Cobleskill Mayor's race, but only one reached back. Trustee Linda Holmes was gracious enough to respond and be interviewed for almost an hour. Incumbent Mayor Mark Galasso did not respond to our request.

Trustee Linda Holmes has served her community in various roles over the last thirty years. She currently sits as a Trustee on the Village Board and has assisted in projects youths and community spirit in Cobleskill. She runs her own business and describes herself modestly-- as a "homely grandmother."

She has told voters that she just wants to "give them a choice" in the race between herself and the incumbent. She holds no ill will towards Galasso, who she describes as doing a serviceable job as Mayor. She, however, passionately disagrees with Mr. Galasso's plan to dissolve the Village of Cobleskill, explaining that the she is against it as it stands. There are no significant savings to justify such an action, especially when Cobleskill already has many services consolidated with the Town.

She stressed the need for community involvement and that many problems are not solved by the Village government alone. She would like to see more people involved to assist in Cobleskill's economic and social revitalization.
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