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Ethington Camp Makes Final Push as Lawn Signs Come Down

Written By Editor on 11/5/13 | 11/5/13

The Todd Ethington campaign is hoping to push the candidate over the top today with some last-minute efforts to drive out voters. Mr. Ethington has been defiant, posting on his Facebook profile Friday:
Okay People for Todd Supporters, they just threw in the last hard attack. This is not slowing me down. Win or lose this behavior they are saying is politics can not be tolerated anymore.
Supporters of Ethington have also been pushing back, commenting or liking comments explaining that Mr. Ethington is still the best candidate for Sheriff. High-profile support still comes in from Mr. Singletary of Jefferson and past and current Middleburgh Fire Chiefs Brian and Michael Devlin.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ethington has launched two large initiatives. He's mailed out a new placard to undecideds, hoping to sway their vote. Meanwhile, he has intensified his ground game, visiting thousands of houses himself.

Meanwhile, across nearly every part of the County, Todd Ethington signs are disappearing off of lawns. Since the Report broke the number of Ethington signs has decreased, although hundreds are still across the yards of the County.

Perhaps the most controversial fusillade comes from Mr. Ethington's Conservative Party, which sent out four thousand mailers to the households of voters. The card excoriates Bill Cherry and his allies running for Supervisors, all of whom oppose Mr. Ethington's bid for Sheriff and were supporters of releasing the Fitzmaurice Report.

These last minute moves are sure to move the needle as turnout is now key. However, whether this will be enough for Ethington is likely doubtful. However, the added votes could give his allies running for Supervisor just enough to retain significant power on the County Board of Supervisors.
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