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Opinion: Murray's Final Disgrace

Written By Editor on 11/3/13 | 11/3/13

Editor's Note: In the first draft we accidentally wrote "Dan" Murray, likely because of his similarities to Dan Singletary.

Incumbent Supervisor Tom Murray of Cobleskill has had a tumultuous tenure over the last four years, to say the least.

His first term was marred by the "N-word" incident which brought down Mayor Mark Nadeau and exposed Murray as, at the very least, having very poor judgement.

Meanwhile, his second term is even worse. He assisted in the Cobleskill water expansion which could destroy the business district and funnel money towards preferred businesses along the Route 7 corridor. On top of this, his poor negotiating skills helped kill any deal to get Guilford Mills up and running again.

However, since the release of the Fitzmaurice Report last month, it became apparent that Murray was a chief backer of the Ethingtons. Murray was involved in civil service abuse, rudeness, and wanted strong women "wrap[ped] in cotton."

Such behavior is over the line and deserves firing, but it got even more disrespectful on Friday.

Thomas Murray was one of three Supervisors that did not show up in time to vote on the suspension of Cassandra Ethington or to release the second portion of the Report. Murray showed incredible lack of couth in not coming to at least face the 50 people in the audience-- many of whom were people whose lives were destroyed or hurt by Cassandra Ethington. His blatant lack of respect to the people that make the County work while he has been allied with the suspended Personnel Director is far too far to accept.

Voters of Cobleskill: wrap Tom Murray up in cotton and send him packing with Cassandra Ethington.

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