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Vroman Only Ethington Ally Left on Board

Written By Editor on 11/6/13 | 11/6/13

Only one open member of the Cassandra Ethington caucus remains on the Board of Supervisors after yesterday's wave election. Supervisor Harold Vroman of Summit was unopposed in the election and in fact had the Republican, Democratic, and Conservative lines.

The former Chairman of the Board has been among the most obstinate members of the Board of Supervisors. On Friday he was the only person to vote along with Dan Singletary of Jefferson to not suspend Cassandra Ethington and not to release the second portion of the Report.

Vroman also donated money towards Dan Singletary's re-election bid, paying for an ad in last week's Cobleskill paper. His involvement in the Conservative Party mailer was also suspected.

Mr. Vroman is a long-time incumbent and was at the middle of many of the negotiations surrounding the issues with the Health and Personnel Departments. Much of the most extreme infighting between the Supervisors themselves came under his tumultuous tenure as Chair of the Board.

Mr. Vroman still remains popular in Summit, receiving almost all the votes yesterday while unopposed. Mr. Ethington also carried Summit-- which he only did there and in Jefferson. Ousting Mr. Vroman would be a particularly difficult task.

However, he is just one member of 16 now with Ethington's support.
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