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Winners to be Named in Blenheim, Fulton and Wright Supervisor Races on November 19th

Written By Editor on 11/6/13 | 11/6/13

Voters in the Towns of Blenheim, Fulton and Wright proved to be a indecisive bunch in yesterday's election, with all three of their supervisor races decided by six votes or less according to unofficial results posted by the county Board of Elections and we wont know who the winners are until Tuesday, November 19th. 

The reason being is that there are still uncounted absentee and affidavit ballots greater then the margins in all three towns: Blenheim has eight absentee ballots to count with Democrat Sean Smith leading incumbent Republican Robert Mann 70-64, while Wright still has 34 to count with Democrat Karl Remmers holding on to a slim three vote lead (320-317) over Republican Amber Bleau and Fulton voters submitted 24 absentees in the even tighter contest between incumbent Democrat Phil Skowfoe and Republican Francis Tatten, where Skowfoe leads by only two votes (214-212).

And keep in mind none of those totals include affidavit ballots, which are subject to challenge and according to statistics are counted anywhere from 64.5% to 79.5% of the time, further clouding their impact in this year's election. 

Deputy-Commissioner Sara Davies-Griffin told the Schoharie News in a email this afternoon that they will be opening the absentee and affidavit ballots on Tuesday, November 19th at nine in the morning on the third flood of the county building and that it is open for all members of the public to witness. 

Uncertainty is guaranteed to be a theme of November 15th's county board meeting, as two of the longest serving members - who challenged each other in January's organizational meeting - wait to see if they will be returning for another term on the board, while the Town of Wright's chair will remain vacant for yet another month.
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