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Gun Rights in Focus at Middleburgh Protest

Written By Editor on 1/13/14 | 1/13/14

A protest in favor of gun rights gathered dozens at the Middleburgh Rod and Gun Club on Saturday. The event, attended by local officials, concerned citizens, and pro-Second Amendment groups highlighted opposition to the 2013 SAFE Act.

The event was covered by both local and Albany press and began with a noon firing of single rounds from the attendees in unified protest. The event then moved inside, led first by Senator James Seward. Seward talked about the process in which the SAFE Act was passed, which he described as rushed. Next was Sheriff Tony Desmond, who spoke of the importance of history in dealing with such a law. He was reminded by the Schoharie Valley being the Breadbasket of the Revolution and how the law was opposed by most of the Counties in the state. It was noted that Sheriff Desmond was the only New York State Sheriff not invited to a conference with Governor Cuomo recently.

There were a series of speakers from local groups that spoke of the importance of gun rights and how they opposed the SAFE Act.

The last speaker was Assemblyman Peter Lopez, who spoke of the logistical challenges of how to overturn the law-- either through the Courts or through the state legistlature. He said that the pressure was like that of boiling lobster-- some pressure is noticeable when amplified.
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