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Middleburgh Boys Defeat Schoharie, Claiming First Scho-Burgh in Decade

Written By Editor on 1/20/14 | 1/20/14

For the first time since the 2003-04 season, Middleburgh's varsity boys squad has defeated arch rival Schoharie in the two neighboring schools annual Scho-Burgh match-up. The Knights, who carried the evening with a solid 55-49 victory, struggled in the opening minutes Friday night but after taking the lead early in the second quarter never looked back.
Middleburgh and Schoharie cheerleaders took
turns rallying their school's faithful in the stands
Relying on the efforts of James Sacket, who scored thirteen points despite falling off his game in the second half, Schoharie just couldn't get in the groove offensively. The team's 41% conversion rate at the free throw line was a testament to their dismal performance, which seemed to lack all confidence and appeared stressed at times.
Middleburgh coach Timothy Pangman encouraged his
starters during a brief timeout with four minutes left
Although Middleburgh's squad did not offensively impress either, the Knights were buoyed by a stellar eighteen point display by Troy Hinkley who contributed from the free throw line, in the paint and beyond the arc to give his teammates a much needed breather on defense. Ryan Bechtold added ten in support.

Middleburgh's MVP Troy Hinkley
prepares at the free throw line
In the end it came down to who outlasted the other, and this time around Middleburgh happened to have the most points when the final buzzer sounded and the two day Scho-Burgh double-header concluded with a clean sweep by the Knights of both girls and boys matchups. A feat that has never been achieved before.

Middleburgh 55
Schoharie  49

                    1st 2nd 3rd final
Middleburgh  11  32  43 55
Schoharie       14  24  40  49

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Unknown said...

Congratulations Coach's (Pangman) and the Middleburgh Boys Varsity and Girls Varsity Teams on your great games and V.I.C.T.O.R.Y.'s in the Sch-Burgh...Play Offs...

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