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Milone Proposes Creation of County Administrator

Written By Editor on 1/4/14 | 1/4/14

Town of Schoharie Supervisor Gene Milone, who told the Schoharie News after the Fitzmaurice Report's first section was released that such a change was needed, introduced Local Law No. 2 - providing for the establishment of the position of County Administrator for the County of Schoharie - for consideration of his fellow Supervisors last night.
The law, which if enacted would create a weaker administrative position than other counties have implemented, would require the Board of Supervisors to either appoint a full-time Administrator or assign the position's duties to an existing county official, although members of the County Board are prohibited from dually serving.
To be even considered for the position, you must possess either a  Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Business or Public Administration and have six to four years of experience in the field. In addition to the appointee being required to become a resident of Schoharie County within 90 days, the Board may set other qualifications as they see fit.
Mr. Milone didn't go into specifics of what powers and duties said administrator would have, but according to a hard copy of the proposed law, "the County Administrator shall be the Budget Officer and shall be responsible for the overall administration of County Government," including the ability to make recommendations for appointments of department heads, supervise and evaluate all county departments, to serve as advisor to the Board of Supervisors, Director of Labor Relations and to have such other powers as conferred upon by the County Board.
No action was taken, as the Schoharie Supervisor wanted members to fully digest its contents before the January meeting on the 24th, which Town of Cobleskill Supervisor Leo McAllister expressed concern over by asking Mr. Milone if he expected them to a reach a decision by then. Mr. Milone did admit that his personal recommendation for the position would be for Schoharie County Treasurer Bill Cherry to be appointed in addition to his already elected duties.
County Attorney Mike West, who informed Supervisors that the creation of an executive or administrator had been looked at several times in the past, said that it, "doesn't hurt to look at change." A sentiment concurred by Town of Seward Supervisor Carl Barbic, who stated he was in favor of such a implementation and Mr. Milone who concluded his remarks by telling freshman legislators that "something more is needed than what is in place right now."
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Kittie said...

Where is the voice of the people here? If there is to be a county administrator/executive it should be an elected position NOT an appointed position. Let the people choose!

SchoharieMike said...

I'm with Kittie. It should be a position elected by popular vote and be a strong executive. It should be funded by removing the benefits package from the Supervisors.

Unknown said...

Mr. Malone starts with a great idea- a County Administrator (preferably an actual County Executive) to bring much needed professionalism to a highly politicized and dysfunctional board but then runs off the rails by proposing the position be given to an insider who is perhaps the most aggressively political elected official in the County.

The position will only be of value to the people of the County if it is independent of the nonsense that has prevailed for years. Appoint an independent search committee of community members to seek a qualified, credentialed professional for the position. Make the search process public and transparent and define the position with a clear and detailed job description and comprehensive code of ethics.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion Bill Cherry has been a source of a lot of the conflict in the county and I think he's been pining for this position for quite awhile. Since he will lose some of his duties as well as a number of Dept. heads, take and cut their salaries. Or is this why they got such huge increases? Was there a method behind the Budget Directors (Cherry) madness.Give the new Board a chance before you throw them to the wolves, if after a year things have not improved then consider it.

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