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Van Glad Elected Chair of Board of Supervisors, Skowfoe Vice-Chair

Written By Editor on 1/3/14 | 1/3/14

Town of Gilboa Supervisor Tony Van Glad was elected by fellow members of the County Board to serve as Chairman for the 2014 legislative session in a split party-line vote early Friday evening. He received 1693 weighted votes to previous Board Chairman and Town of Fulton Supervisor Phil Skowfoe's 1281.
Mr. Skowfoe would then be elected Vice-Chairman near unanimously, receiving fifteen of sixteen supervisors support, with only Town of Seward Supervisor Harold Vroman casting a vote for Town of Richmondville Supervisor Richard Lape, resulting in Skowfoe being elected the County's number two by a lopsided 2862-112 margin.

Newly elected Board Chairman Tony Van Glad,
photo courtesy of the Daily Gazette
The vote, which was conducted by call of the roll, mostly followed party-lines with Town of Broome Supervisor Bill Smith, a Republican, being the exception by supporting Democrat Phil Skowfoe, who was elected in 2013 as the head of a bipartisan coalition aligned against the Conservative faction.
After a brief intermission to allow Chairman Van Glad and Vice-Chairman Skowfoe to recite the oaths of their newly elected offices, Van Glad thanked a majority of the Board for supporting his candidacy and said that he would, "like to think we could have a bipartisan year," signaling the coalition of Mr. Skowfoe's administration is alive and intact.
Board of Supervisors Chairman Election Roll Call
Barbic of Seward - Phil Skowfoe
Bleau of Wright - Tony Van Glad
Bradt of Carlisle - Tony VanGlad
Buzon of Middleburgh - Phil Skowfoe
Federice of Conesville - Tony Van Glad
Jordan of Jefferson - Tony Van Glad
Lape of Richmondville - Tony Van Glad
Manko of Sharon - Phil Skowfoe
McAllister of Cobleskill - Tony Van Glad
Milone of Schoharie - Phil Skowfoe
Skowfoe of Fulton - Phil Skowfoe
Smith of Blenheim - Phil Skowfoe
Smith of Broome - Phil Skowfoe
Van Glad of Gilboa - Tony Van Glad
Van Wormer of Esperance - Tony Van Glad
Vroman of Seward - Tony Van Glad
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