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New Supervisors to be Seated in County Board Organizational Meeting

Written By Editor on 1/3/14 | 1/3/14

Five new Supervisors* will take their place around the County Board's u shaped table tonight, setting in place a politically diverse and interesting mix of freshman and incumbent legislators for the 2014 session that will begin with the election of a Board Chairman and Vice-Chairman.  
Some freshman lawmakers, including Supervisor Federice of Conesville and Supervisor McAllister of Cobleskill, have already held or were scheduled to hold organizational meetings in their respective Town before tonight's countywide initiation of affairs, while for others this will be their first acts in elected office.
It also ushers in a trio of younger, more politically independent lawmakers that the County Board of Supervisors has not seen in quite some time, they include Supervisor Bleau of Wright (who took her seat in December), Supervisor Jordan of Jefferson and Supervisor Smith of Blenheim, all three of whom have extensive knowledge of local government from previous elected office or public employment.
Knowledge that all sixteen Supervisors will have to use in breaking down their personal political barriers and to form a governing coalition behind one of three leading candidates in this evening's vote.
For many in the room, this will be their twentieth plus time they elect a Chairman of the Board, but with the six newly elected members comprising a third of the overall weighted vote total, 2014's freshman class holds a lot of political power for incoming legislators, and as such, should act with great responsibility.  
* Broome Supervisor Bill Smith included
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