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Tillapaugh Appointed Chief Deputy in Sheriff's Office

Written By Editor on 1/9/14 | 1/9/14

The Schoharie County Sheriff's Department has announced the appointment of Deputy Sheriff Duane Tillapaugh, who unsuccessfully sought the Republican nomination for Sheriff against incumbent Tony Desmond in last year's election, as the Chief Deputy (and third in command) of the county's law enforcement force. 

Chief Deputy Tillapaugh has served in the Sheriff's Office for twenty-five years, during which he has obtained multiple certifications and attended additional training in many areas, including: Civil Law Training, Crime Scene Processing, Law Enforcement Photography, CPR/First Responder training and Composite Drawing/Indenti-Kit training.

Having started his law enforcement career at the jail as a Corrections Officer in 1988, Tillapaugh attended and graduated from the Zone Five Law Enforcement Training Academy at HVCC in the spring of 1990, after which he was assigned to the Town of Middleburgh, a paid contract for police coverage between the Town and the Sheriff's Office.

He has also served as a President and Vice-President of the SCSO Road Patrol Union, which has given him extensive experience in negotiations and working with police unions. More recently, Tillapaugh has been involved in handling many of the day to day responsibilities within the Sheriff's Office, ranging from supervising the County Sex Offenders Registry to handling arrest warrants.

In addition to a lifetime of law enforcement service, Tillapaugh has been a devoted husband of twenty-six years and is the proud father of two daughters. 
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