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Sheriff's Office Unveils Project C.R.A.S.H to County High Schoolers

Written By Cicero on 10/11/16 | 10/11/16

COBLESKILL - Following months of shooting film and countless volunteer hours, the Schoharie County Sheriff's Office unveiled a twenty-seven minute film to the bulk of the county's high school students at SUNY Cobleskill on Thursday morning as part of the department's Project C.R.A.S.H initiative to discourage distracted teen driving.

Photos by Timothy Knight
Spearheaded by Schoharie County Deputy Bruce Baker, in conjunction with SCCASA, the project began as an idea that soon took on a life of its own. A life that would not have become reality if not for the community's support.

The acronym for Project C.R.A.S.H stands for Creating Real Alternatives & Spreading Hope, which Deputy Baker hopes can fill the void left by DARE and other programs following Irene. 

Operating on the mentality that, "If we're going to impact the community, we need to include the community," Deputy Baker told The Schoharie News in a recent interview that all hands were on deck for this project. 

The film was showed in two viewings, hosted in the
SUNY Cobleskill Ballroom at Bouck Hall.
From involving the county's six school districts and various EMS/Fire Departments to Schopeg and LifeNet, volunteers came out of the woodwork to assist Baker in the development of the emotional video, which depicts the fatal effects of distracted teen driving.

The film's cast consists of high school students, law enforcement officials, first responders, local stage actors, and News10 ABC reporters, while video was shot and edited by the county's public access station, Schopeg. 

The first of many school buses arriving to drop off
hundreds of Schoharie County high schoolers for the premier.
Unveiled in two premiers to the entirety of the county's Junior and Senior high school students, News10 morning reporter Samantha DiMascio tweeted on the scene that students were crying throughout the film, with some even leaving the room altogether. 

Encouraged by the tremendous outpouring of community support and the students favorable response, Deputy Baker indicated that the Sheriff's Office will be tackling other topics in future films, including substance abuse and suicide prevention. Baker told The Schoharie News that he is eyeing the release of both by this holiday season.

The video has been published online by Schopeg for anyone to view, while the Sheriff's Office has launched a Facebook page to promote Project C.R.A.S.H.

R'Ville Man Arrested on Family Court Warrant

Written By Cicero on 5/11/15 | 5/11/15

The Schoharie County Sheriff's Department has announced the arrest of thirty-two year old Chad M. Corsi of Richmondville on an arrest warrant issued out of the Schoharie County Family Court following an investigation into a separate incident.

Mr. Corsi was arraigned in the Town of Cobleskill Court and remanded to the Schoharie County Jailyon $500.00 cash bail to appear in Schoharie County Family Court on May 8th, 2015.

- Schoharie County Sheriff's Deputies arrested Alfred A. Perreca Jr., 29, of Albany for unlawful possession of marijuana following a vehicle stop in the Town of Richmondville.

Mr. Perreca was released on an appearance ticket and traffic ticket to appear in the Town of Richmondville court at a later date.

Sheriff's Office Seeks Info on Lawn Damage

Written By Cicero on 4/25/15 | 4/25/15

The Sheriff's Office is looking for help from the public: 

On 4/24 the department received two complaints of lawns being damaged by a vehicle. Extensive damage was done to each and we are looking for any information that would identify the vehicle, driver or other participants. 

The incidents occurred on Rickard Hill Rd. in the Town of Schoharie during the evening hours of Thursday, 4/23. The vehicle is believed to be smaller than a full size truck and would have sustained damage to the undercarriage and possibly the front end. If you have any information please contact the Deputy Reinhart or Deputy Mazuryk at (518) 295-8114.

Sheriffs Arrest Mburgh Man on Bench Warrant

Written By Cicero on 4/17/15 | 4/17/15

Schoharie County Sheriff's Deputies have arrested Andrew F. Graves, 31, of the Town of Middleburgh on a bench warrant issued out of the Altamont Village Police Department on Wednesday, April 15th at 6:06 p.m.

Mr. Graves was taken in to custody before the Town of Middleburgh Court on the warrant and was then turned over to Altamont PD for further action.

Sheriff's Arrest Esperance Man for Rape

Written By Cicero on 3/18/15 | 3/18/15

On March 11, 2015 the Schoharie County Sheriff's Office arrested Kevin J. Madelone Jr., age 23, Esperance, New York for Rape in the Third Degree and 2 Counts of Endangering the Welfare of a Child following a brief investigation.

He was arraigned in the Town of Esperance Court with his attorney present and was released on his own recognizance to reappear on April 1st at 6:00 p.m.

On March 16, 2015 the Schoharie County Sheriff's Office arrested Michael C. Diamond, age 21, Schoharie, NY for Stalking in the 4th Degree and Coercion in the 4th Degree, which occurred the weekend of March 14-15, 2015.

Diamond was arraigned in Middleburgh Town Court and released on $5,000.00 bail to re-appear in court on March 18th. 

On March 17, 2015 the Schoharie County Sheriff's Office arrested a 21 year old Schoharie woman for Falsely Reporting an Incident.

Dyann Corey of Schoharie was arrested yesterday for Falsely Reporting an Incident in the Third Degree after an investigation into an incident from November of 2014. It is believe that Mrs. Carey gave the police false information that may have hindered an investigation.

Carey was issued an Appearance Ticket to appear in the Town of Schoharie Court on March 23, 2015 at 5:00 p.m.

State Police Arrest Coby Man for Falsely Reporting Terrorist Activities

Written By Cicero on 3/7/15 | 3/7/15

On March 05, State Police arrested Bradley A. Hingeley ,40, of Cobleskill, NY for Falsely Reporting an Incident 3rd Degree and Resisting Arrest, both misdemeanors. Hingeley had contacted the New York State Terrorism Tips Line 1-866-SAFE NYS (1-866-723-3697) and falsely reported information that a subject was engaging in terrorism related activities. 

An investigation determined that Hingeley had fabricated the information about the subject's conduct for ulterior motives. Hingeley physically resisted arrest while he was being taken into custody. He was arraigned in the Town of Cobleskill Court and remanded to the Schoharie County Jail in lieu of bail.

The New York State Police continues to encourage the public to contact the NYS Terrorism Tips Line 1-866-SAFE NYS (1-866-723-3697) with any information or suspicions related to terrorism. These tips are then immediately acted upon and thoroughly investigated to ensure public safety.

Man Arrested for Disturbance at Cobleskill Holiday Motel

Troopers arrested an Albany County man for multiple charges following a disturbance that occurred at the Holiday Motel in Cobleskill.

Timothy L. Harrington was arrested and charged with Criminal Mischief and Attempted Criminal Trespass following a 911 call that originated from a room at the Holiday Motel.  Harrington was located walking on State Route 7 as Troopers were responding to the call of a disturbance.  

Further investigation revealed that Harrington kicked in a door while attempting to enter a room, damaging the door.  After the occupants of the room were able to secure the door Harrington attempted to flee on foot.  Harrington was arraigned in the Town of Cobleskill Court and remanded to the Schoharie County Correctional Facility on cash bail. 

Sheriff's Nab Sharon Man on Harassment Charges 

Schoharie County Sheriff's Deputies arrested twenty-five year old Corey A. Merwin Thursday evening on an arrest warrant for aggravated harassment in the second degree stemming from an incident in the Town of Sharon.

Mr. Merwin was arraigned in the Town of Carlisle court and remanded to the Schoharie County Jail to appear in the Town of Sharon court on Wednesday, March 19th.

Sheriff's Department Rescues Man in Broome

Written By Editor on 12/14/14 | 12/14/14

A Town of Broome man was rescued from his home Friday evening by members of the Schoharie County Sheriff's Office including the snowmobile patrols.

At 2:45 Friday afternoon the Sheriff's Office received a call from a resident on Armlin Hill Road advising that a neighbor who resided in a small cabin which has no phone, electricity and is heated with wood had not been seen or heard from since Tuesday when 22 inches of snow fell in the area.

The Sheriff's Office responded to Laura Lane and using snowmobiles went to the residence and located David Garrison age 60 inside. Garrison who has some disabilities was transported with his dog by snowmobile to his neighbor's house.

Garrison said that he was unable to get to his woodpile because of snow and his condition he had tried to keep warm by burning parts of his house in the woodstove.

Garrison declined medical attention and his neighbor was allowing him to stay with him for the time being.

Man Arrested for Possessing Hypodermic Needle

Written By Editor on 7/25/14 | 7/25/14

The Schoharie County Sheriff's Department has announced its second drug related arrest of Middleburgh residents this week.

Sheriff's Deputies arrested forty-two year old Joseph Panetta on Monday, July 21st for Criminal Possession of a Hypodermic Instrument in the Town of Schoharie. 

Mr. Panetta was detained by the Schoharie County Sheriff's Office after an investigation by the Schoharie County Probation Department discovered he was in possession of the illegal instrument. 

The suspect was arraigned in the Town of Schoharie Court and was released to appear back at a later date. 

Two Middleburgh Teens Arrested for Pot Possession

Written By Editor on 7/23/14 | 7/23/14

In a press release issued Tuesday afternoon, the Schoharie County Sheriff's Department announced the arrest of two Middleburgh teenagers who were found to be in possession of marijuana in the valley community. 

Joshua McDonnell, 18, and an unnamed seventeen year old girl, were both arrested and charged with Unlawful Possession of Marijuana on Friday, July 18th, while parked on Mill Valley Road in the Town of Middleburgh. 

They would be subsequently released on appearance tickets to come before the Middleburgh Town Court at a later date. The female's name was withheld by the Schoharie News due to her status as a minor and to spare any embarrassment. 

Broome Resident Arrested for Grand Larceny

Written By Editor on 7/10/14 | 7/10/14

The Schoharie County Sheriff's Department announced on Monday the arrest of a Broome man for allegedly using another individual's credit/debit card information to make online purchases without the owner's consent. 

Nineteen year old Jacob T. Kenney was arrested at approximately 4:20 p.m. Monday, where he was subsequently charged with committing Grand Larceny in the Fourth Degree and released on an appearance ticket. 

He was scheduled to appear before the Broome Town Court on Tuesday, July 8th for further action.

Sheriff's Office Responds to Richmondville ATV Accident

Written By Editor on 7/5/14 | 7/5/14

Schoharie County Sheriff's Deputies responded to a report of an ATV accident on Cross Hill Road in the Town of Richmondville Friday evening at approximately 8:30 p.m, where the driver sustained injuries - but none severe. 

Joseph Kruithoff, age 64, of Pennsylvania was operating a 2002 Kawasaki on private land toward the tail end of the holiday when he lost control of the vehicle, which caused it to strike a tree. 

He was transported by Richmondville Ambulance to Albany Medical Center for non life threatening injuries, and no tickets were issued. The Sheriff's Office was assisted on scene by members of Richmondville Fire and Ambulance squads. 

Middleburgh Man Arrested for Stalking

Written By Editor on 6/22/14 | 6/22/14

On Saturday evening at approximately 9:00 p.m., the Schoharie County Sheriff's Office arrested fifty three year old Stephen Anderson of Middleburgh for Stalking in the Fourth Degree on a warrant after an investigation into an incident where he repeatedly made unwanted communication with another person.

Mr. Anderson was arrested on Main Street in the Village of Middleburgh, and then was subsequently arraigned and remanded on $2,000 cash bail to appear in the Town of Middleburgh court at a later date. 

Youth Released From Albany Med Following Car Vs. Bicycle Accident in Carlisle

Written By Editor on 6/19/14 | 6/19/14

Two days after a motorist struck a teenage bicyclist in the Town of Carlisle, causing the youth to be transported to Albany Medical Center for injuries sustained from the accident, the fifteen year old has been released and no charges will be filed against the driver according to Sheriff Desmond. 

Furthermore, a passenger in the car was also transported to and released from Albany Medical Center with a wrist injury. 

The accident occurred Wednesday afternoon at approximately 2:00 p.m. when the bicyclist rode out of his driveway in front of his driveway and was hit by the vehicle. Members of the Carlisle Fire Department and Rescue Squad were on scene along with the Cobleskill Rescue Squad. 

Sheriff Desmond told the Schoharie News this morning that, "As schools let out for summer vacation the Sheriff's Office would like to remind everyone to be safe while engaged in warm weather activities."

Lawmakers Offer Bills Seeking "Peace Officer" Status for Schoharie Tac-Force Members

Written By Editor on 6/18/14 | 6/18/14

ALBANY, 06/16/14 – State Senator James L. Seward (R/C/I- Oneonta) announced earlier this week senate approval of a bill he sponsors granting peace officer status to officers and members of the Schoharie County Sheriff’s Tactical and Rescue Force.  Senator Seward’s bill (S.7720) was the result of a dialogue  between the Schoharie County Sheriff, the Tac-Force, and Schoharie County’s legislative team.

“The Schoharie County Tac-Force is a critical component of the sheriff’s department, filling voids and providing support in a host of situations,” said Senator Seward.  “The men and women who make up this specialized unit are highly trained and help meet emergency preparedness needs.”

Currently, Schoharie County Tac-Force members are only officially defined as “peace officers” when preparing for or responding to an emergency situation.  Senator Seward’s legislation will provide them with peace officer status while working at public festivities, parades, fairs, and other similar events, “pursuant to their special duties.”

“The Schoharie County Sheriff’s Department relies on the Tac-Force to provide essential services, and to keep taxpayer costs in check.  Elevating Tac-Force members to full peace officer status is an appropriate action and fits with the duties and responsibilities these men and women already perform on a regular basis,”  Senator Seward added.

The Schoharie County Sheriff’s Tactical and Rescue Force (Tac-Force) is a volunteer component of the sheriff’s department which provides security during public events, crowd control, search and rescue, traffic control, and assistance to road patrol deputies when needed.

Senator Seward has been a consistent supporter of the Schoharie County Tac-Force, securing a $25,000 state grant for the unit in 2013 to help purchase communications equipment, bullet proof vests, and uniforms. 

Companion legislation (A.9842A) sponsored by Assemblyman Pete Lopez has been introduced in the state assembly.

State Police Arrest Teen Driving 103 on I-88

Written By Editor on 6/10/14 | 6/10/14

State Police Arrest Teenage Speeding on I-88

On Monday, New York State Police stationed in Cobleskill arrested seventeen year old Kevin Lenehan of Delanson after he was observed driving a 103 miles per hour on Interstate-88 in the Town of Schoharie. The driver, according to police reports, repeatedly asked why he had been pulled over. 

The State Trooper on scene smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle while interviewing the driver. A search of the blue Honda Civic del Sol revealed that Lenehan and his passenger, seventeen year old Harrison McQueeny, of Duanesburg, were both in possession of the criminal substance. 

Both teenagers were ticketed and are scheduled to appear in the Town of Schoharie Court on June 16th, at 4:00 p.m. 

Sheriff's Department Arrest Schoharie Man Following Stewart's Incident

The Schoharie County Sheriff's Department has announced the arrest of forty-eight year old Ward Arnold Jr. of Schoharie for Harassment in the Second Degree following a incident at the Schoharie Stewart's on Monday morning.

Arnold was reportedly harassing a female patron in the convenience store. The suspect was issued an appearance ticket to appear before Town of Schoharie Court on June 16th. According to the Oneonta Daily Star, he was previously arrested by Sheriff's Deputies for Harassment in the First Degree back in 2009. 

Sheriff's Office Arrests Fugitive from Justice on Laundry List of Charges

Written By Editor on 5/30/14 | 5/30/14

The Schoharie County Sheriff's Department has announced the arrest of forty year old Jameson L. Perrotti and his girlfriend Johnnie Venzke of Sharon Springs after a traffic stop in the Town of Carlisle Friday morning, where Perrotti was charged with Criminally Possessing a Hypodermic Instrument after being in possession of hypodermic needles upon his arrest.

According to a press release issued by the Sheriff's Office, a vehicle operated by Venzke was stopped after Perrotti was observed as a passenger in her vehicle; there were several outstanding warrants for his arrest from both law enforcement agencies in Schoharie County, New York and Orange County, Florida.

Perrotti was wanted by local law enforcement stemming from an incident on May 18, in which the suspect failed to comply during a traffic stop in the Town of Sharon by fleeing officers at the scene on foot. He was charged with Vehicle and Traffic misdemeanors of Reckless Driving, Aggravated Unlicensed Operation in the Second Degree and Failure to Comply with a Police Officer along with eight other Vehicle and Traffic violations. Additionally, he was also wanted on Penal Law charges of Reckless Endangerment and Criminally Possessing a Hypodermic Instrument in the Town of Sharon. 

Local law enforcement has been attempting to locate Perrotti for approximately on month on an outstanding warrant from the state of Florida. The warrant was issued by the Orange County Sheriff's office in Orange County, Florida for Theft in the Third Degree, a felony. The suspect was additionally charged with being a Fugitive from Justice for the outstanding warrant from Florida.

The suspect was arraigned in the Town of Sharon and remanded to the Schoharie County Jail in lieu of $5000 cash bail or $10, 000 bond on the local criminal charges. He was also arraigned in the Town of Sharon on the charge of being a Fugitive from Justice and was remanded without bail to reappear in Schoharie County Court at a later date pending extradition.

Venske was charged with Obstructing Governmental Administration in the second degree for knowingly assisting Perrotti and knowing there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest. She was arraigned in the Town of Sharon court and remanded to the Schoharie County jail in lieu of $500 bail or $1000 bond to return to the Town of Carlisle court at a later date.

Deputy's Quick Thinking Identifies Missing Cohoes Man in Schoharie

Written By Editor on 5/7/14 | 5/7/14

In a story first reported by News 10 ABC Monday afternoon, a missing Cohoes man was discovered in the Village of Schoharie earlier that day by an alert Schoharie County Sheriff's Deputy who observed the man bicycling through the municipality while on patrol. 

According to Sheriff Tony Desmond, Deputy Terry Minton was unaware that the subject was reported missing, but upon interviewing the man and learning of his name, further investigation led to a successful determination that he was, in fact, the missing individual. 

He was then taken to the Sheriff's Office, where the Cohoes Police Department was notified and they informed the man's family of his discovery. Family members would later come to the Sheriff's Office that night and took him home. 

Praising the work of the alert officer, Sheriff Desmond told the Schoharie News that, "Deputy Minton did a good job in recognizing that something was not right." The Sheriff would go on to add that the Deputy's actions, "saved the man's family from more concern about his whereabouts."

Sheriff's Office Investigating Sharon ATV Accident, Driver Remains Hospitalized

Written By Editor on 4/25/14 | 4/25/14

The Schoharie County Sheriff's Office is investigating an ATV accident that occurred on Route 10 in the Town of Sharon on Thursday night, slightly north of the Village of Sharon Springs, according to a press release submitted earlier this afternoon by the department. 

At approximately 8:00 pm, Franklin Butler of the Town of Sprakers was operating his 2003 Artic Cat ATV southboundd on Route 10 when he lost control. Mr. Butler was subsequently ejected from the machine and sustained severe head and neck trauma.  

The operator was airlifted to Albany Medical Center for evaluation, where he remains at this time. In addition to local Deputies, members of the Sharon Springs Fire Department and Rescue Squad, along with several Schoharie County Medics, were also on scene. 

Sheriff's Office: No Arrest Made, But Tri-Agency Investigation Working on Car Break-In Spree

Written By Editor on 4/24/14 | 4/24/14

According to a press release issued Wednesday afternoon by the Schoharie County Sheriff's Department, there have been no arrests made in several vehicle related break-ins spanning the county, but out of the crime spree a tri-agency investigation has emerged to resolve the situation.

The break-ins, which started on Easter Sunday in the Village of Schoharie and soon spread to the Villages of Middleburgh and Cobleskill earlier this week, have local law enforcement investigating leads to track down those responsible for the thefts that claimed prescription drugs, electronics, and in one case, at least one debit card.

Officers in the Cobleskill and Schoharie Police Deparments are working on break-ins reported in their respective jurisdictions, while the Sheriff's Department is looking into four cases that occurred in the Village of Middleburgh.

Anyone who has any information concerning these matters is asked to call the Schoharie County Sheriff's Office crime tip line at 518-295-2295 or the Cobleskill Police Department at 518-234-2923.

Jefferson Woman Arrested for Welfare Fraud

Written By Editor on 4/19/14 | 4/19/14

The Schoharie County Sheriff's Office announced the arrest of a Jefferson woman, now identified as thirty-three year old Clara Cross, on an arrest warrant out of the Village of Schoharie Court on 3 counts of Offering a False Instrument for Filing in the 2nd Degree and 2 Counts of Welfare Fraud in the 5th Degree.

Ms. Cross was arrested at approximately 6:30 pm last Friday evening, and was subsequently released and issued a ticket to reappear in the Village of Schoharie Court on Tuesday, April 22. 

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