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62% Say No to Tax Abatements

Written By Editor on 2/10/14 | 2/10/14

Tax abatements have already passed into law in the Town and Village of Schoharie and the Town of Blenheim, but have little overall support in the County, according to a new Schoharie News poll. According to the figures in our unscientific poll, the majority of our readers reject all abatements and a substantial minority favor them being extended through the whole County.

Do You Support Tax Abatements?

Yes, they should span the County: 20 votes, 22%

Yes, but only in the Valley communities: 6 votes, 6%
No, the hidden cost will be too great: 57 votes, 63%
Undecided: 8 votes, 9%
Total Votes: 91

Overall, 63% oppose the abatements as a whole while only 28% support them in part or for the whole area. Remember to vote in our next poll, currently on the sidebar about whether the Blenheim Bridge should be rebuilt.
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