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Breaking News: County Board Reinstates Gigandet and Grimes

Written By Editor on 2/21/14 | 2/21/14

Following a prolonged executive session, the Schoharie County Board of Supervisors voted 13-1 this afternoon to reinstate Eva Gigandet and Penny Grimes as employees of the county Public Health Department. The board sanctioned Fitzmaurice Report identified both women as being wrongfully terminated by Personnel Director Cassandra Ethington during her, "reign of terror."

Town of Carlisle Supervisor Larry Bradt was the lone vote in opposition, arguing his decision was based on the lack of information concerning their compensation and severance packages. Neither Supervisor Vroman of Summit, nor Smith of Broome were present for the afternoon session. 

Visibly emotional after the vote, Ms. Grimes told the Schoharie News on both her and Ms. Gigandet's behalf that they were appreciative and thankful for the county board's decision, which came over four months after the report was publicly released and Mrs. Ethington was placed on administrative leave for her actions. 

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logansgramma said...

The only thing I have to say is that Cassandra Ethington is still on administrative leave with PAY. How long is that going to go on? It's the taxpayers money that she is collecting weekly.

Anonymous said...

Yes .... she has certainly been rewarded for despicable behavior hasn't she ? And because the board even with the new members is at a loss as to what to do ..... Mrs. Ethington will probably receive a huge "buy out".

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