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Poll: Rebuild Blenheim Bridge

Written By Editor on 2/18/14 | 2/18/14

With the controversy about the Blenheim Bridge mounting and letters to the editor arguing for one position or another, Schoharie News readers are similarly divided. After a week of polling, our readers were asked if they would prefer to rebuild exactly where the bridge was exactly how it was, to build a replica in another location, or if the cost is too great for such a project.

- Yes, exactly where it was 194 (53%) 
- Yes, but as a replica elsewhere 19 (5%) 
- No, the cost and risk is too great 140 (38%) 
- Undecided 12 (3%)

The controversy will not dissapate anytime soon about the issue. With such a result, be sure to vote in our newest poll on our sidebar, whether or not you approve of the Schoharie News.

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