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Local Republican, Democratic Party Finances in Rough Shape

Written By Editor on 3/10/14 | 3/10/14

In an all-out effort to capture a majority on the Schoharie County Board of Supervisors last November, the Schoharie County Republican Committee spent over $8,200 in campaign and post-election funds to support their candidates up and down the ballot, according to disclosure reports filed by the Republican committee to the New York State Board of Elections. 

Although the end result has Republicans occupying ten of sixteen seats on the county legislature, the GOP's treasury has been left almost non-existent with little more then $550 in funds left in their campaign coffers; a familiar situation for both parties after local elections. Republicans had roughly $900 on hand after the 2011 campaign, and even less the year before. 

The financial situation isn't much better across the aisle. After spending an unprecedented $14,000 in defense of their legislative majority and against incumbent Republicans, the County Democrats are sitting on slightly less than $1,100 in cash, but with no significant electoral achievements to show for their campaign spending spree.  

Both committees are expected to fundraise heavily through out 2014 and into next year as political insiders expect several contentious rematches to spring up across the county electoral landscape. National and state elections rarely cost local parties more than a few thousand dollars, as their focus is inherently closer to home, but they offer good fundraising opportunities. 
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