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Vote in Our Poll: Would You Support Fracking?

Written By Editor on 3/10/14 | 3/10/14

The next Schoharie News poll is going to be controversial. Do you, our readers support the idea of hydraulic fracturing in Schoharie County? Why or why not? Vote in our sidebar and comment on our Facebook page.
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Unknown said...

Each well that is fracked requires more than 4 million gallons of water, 30-100 tons of chemicals including multiple highly toxic compounds that have been identified as human endocrine disruptors. All of those chemicals are pumped under high pressure down a well shaft that passes through our drinking water aquifers. The resulting waste products are highly toxic and untreatable in municipal waste water plants. Waste gases are “flared” or burned off at the well site releasing tons of hydrocarbons and greenhouse gases into to the atmosphere.

Given the current technology, “environmentally safe” fracking is not available and therefore makes an unrealistic survey option.

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