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Plurality Supports Fracking in Schoharie County

Written By Editor on 3/17/14 | 3/17/14

With over one hundred and fifty votes cast since Monday, a narrow plurality of Schoharie News readers support the idea of fracking - in one form or another - within Schoharie County. The result is surprising to say the least, given the strong local opposition to the Constitution Pipeline that was expressed in a similar survey last December.

Do you support fracking in Schoharie County?

Yes, no matter what                 - 19 (12.6%)
Yes, if environmentally safe     - 57 (37.7%)
No                                            - 72 (47.7%)
Undecided                                - 3 (1.9%)

The poll's margin was narrow at just four votes, and it reflects the county's divisive split on the contentious issue, but opponents of the controversial method of natural gas extraction should feel comforted that overall 84% of voters opposed any initiative that would be harmful to the environment, a major concern at the forefront of their fight. 
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