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Wu One Step Closer to Opening Gym in Middleburgh

Written By Editor on 3/12/14 | 3/12/14

Middleburgh is one step closer to opening a gym. 

Joined by local officials and representatives of the business community, New York City investor Da-Lai Wu made his case for opening a gym at the vacant Grand Union on Route 30 to members of the Planning Board on Tuesday night.

Wu, who in the fall unsuccessfully pursued purchasing the $5.3 million Maranatha physical fitness complex in Richmondville, briefed members of the Planning Board and the public on his plans to transform the old grocery store into a functioning fitness center, with the addition of tennis courts a possibility down the road.

After forty-five minutes of public discussion, the Planning Board voted unanimously to begin the process of issuing Mr. Wu a special use permit for the project, which will take approximately three months to undergo full review and final approval. The project could be open as early as this summer. 

Village of Middleburgh Mayor Matthew Avitabile, who initially contacted Wu about a potential project, praised the "fastidious manner which the Planning Board handled the issue," in a facebook post published on the Middleburgh community group page Wednesday morning. 

Concurring in support of the Planning Board's decision on the town's "antiquated zoning laws," Middleburgh Town Supervisor Jim Buzon called the proposed physical fitness center a "boon to the town," that will serve as a sign of life to motorists entering the Village from Route 30. 
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Zak said...

Can we get a board like that in Richmondvi le? Not really sure what ours does for our town besides their own interests.

Unknown said...

Ha ha Richmondville. I'll go ta Middleburg. No need fer greed...

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