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Middleburgh Stewart's Construction Update

Written By Editor on 9/25/16 | 9/25/16

Photos and Article by Sheila Donegan

It doesn't take long to see the work crew make a whole lot progress at the new Stewart's store. At almost any daylight hour of any day you can see someone stopping by to watch the changes, and it happens very quickly.

On Monday, September 19, the building was mostly just a shell. The crew was getting the roof ready for shingles. There were no door or window frames on the building, so there certainly wasn't any glass anywhere. The outer walls of the building were green, everywhere.  By the middle of the afternoon on Thursday, the roof was almost completely shingled and would certainly be finished by the end of the day. That's an obvious change. Looking a little more closely, you could see reflections on the glass in the windows, and the base of the building had a skirt of bricks in the front.

Closer to the street, it was easy to see dramatic changes over that same time period.  A man with a chain saw was cutting invasive tree roots, trimming them back on Monday. Those roots had been the major cause of the buckling that had taken place in the old sidewalk. By Tuesday, there was a curb by the street, and by Wednesday, the framework was laid for the new sidewalk. New concrete was beginning to appear by Thursday afternoon.

It is anticipated that the opening of the store will happen at the end of November, so there is plenty of activity to watch the next two months.

New Middleburgh Stewart's Seeing Fast Activity

Written By Editor on 9/19/16 | 9/19/16

Photos and Article by Sheila Donegan

Many in the village of Middleburgh did not want to see the old Dentistry Building demolished. It dates back to the late 1800s. But, the Chiropractic Building had problems that were not worth the financial commitment to repair, and ARC already left at the end of their lease. It was definitely time for that structure to come down. These properties will be the home of the new Stewart's store. In a phone interview I had with Chuck Marshall, representing the store, he said, “It has definitely been a process, in every particular, but the improvements will mean that the bank and Stewart's will be able to provide better customer service.” The store is expected to open late in November.

Dentist building during 2014 October Fall Festival Parade

Facing the Village Hall during demolition in July

At the monthly meeting of the Middleburgh Village Board, Mr. Marshall outlined some of the details of the project. The NBT Bank will also be demolished. Things are being scaled down since they don't need all of the space they are currently using. There are arrangements to continue service.
Chiropractor prior to demolition
Not only will Stewart’s be using some of the bank property, but also has been granted easements over the Bassett and pool area parking lots. In addition to all of these changes, a frequently raised issue is being resolved. Handicapped accessibility into the Village Office Building will be constructed.

Gift Store Becomes Middleburgh Landmark

Written By Editor on 9/1/16 | 9/1/16

Just about a year and a half ago Larry Kossmann Nelson took an idea and helped change Middleburgh's landscape. Lerny's Gift Shop offers a variety of products, including many local vendors. Earlier this year the store moved to Main Street and expanded.

"I'm amazed by the love and support by some people," said Nelson. Nelson's jovial personality seems to fit the store's atmosphere well. A multitude of crafts, jewelry, woodworks, photographs, and more included a number of Middleburgh-themed products. Mr. Nelson also offers silk screening and shirt printing.

Mr. Nelson stated that part of the reason that he was open was to help build up community pride. The store is offering a 10% discount for anything Middleburgh related.

"There's always something new," he said, motioning to new products on his shelves. Follow their gift store Facebook page here.

Lerny's Gift Shop Opens in Middleburgh

Written By Cicero on 5/6/15 | 5/6/15

The Middleburgh business community welcomed its newest addition on Tuesday morning, with the grand opening of Lerny's Gift Shop at 110 Railroad Avenue.

Located just off of Main Street in the village, the gift shop features Middleburgh themed apparel ranging from coffee mugs to hats and t-shirts. 

Owned and operated by Larry Kossman-Nelson and his husband Ernie, the couple lost everything in the devastation of Hurricane Irene. However, they had been inspired by the community spirit  that Middleburgh displayed while rebuilding.

Commenting that he was "thinking one day as how Middleburgh has come so far and I feel it's on the verge of something big," Mr. Kossman-Nelson wondered why there "wasn't a gift shop focusing on Middleburgh itself."

And after months of homework and research, as well as teasing the community on facebook about the shop to come, Larry and Ernie took the plunge on Tuesday morning.

On scene with members of the village board, Mayor Matthew Avitabile said that the village is "very proud of the work that Larry and Ernie did to make this project happen and of the volunteers that helped in rebuilding the store space."

A resident of Middleburgh since 1971, Larry told The Schoharie News that he couldn't imagine being anywhere else. Stating that there is a lot of unspoken pride in Middleburgh, he would later add that he thought "it was a time for me to give that pride a voice."  

Vroman's Nose Inspires New Business

Written By Cicero on 4/27/15 | 4/27/15

Linda and Tom Quinn have lived at the foot of Vroman's Nose for eleven years now, where they have observed a steady stream of hikers and visitors the natural monument receives over the course of the spring, summer, and fall months. 

Initially observing the steady flow while operating a printing business, the Quinn's knew the hiking trail was special. However, after the devastating floods of Hurricane Irene destroyed their print shop, the Nose became more than just special: it became their livelihood.

Launching Under the Nose in September of 2014 as the hiking season was drawing to a close, the nature themed bake and gift shop became an immediate hit with not only hikers on the trail, but with the surrounding community, particularly in nearby Middleburgh.

Commenting that opening the gift shop has "always been a dream," Linda Quinn told The Schoharie News that although she and her husband had interest in the project, it just "never seemed like a feasible way to make a living." 

That changed when the print shop went under. 

Constructing and designing the Under the Nose building himself, Tom Quinn was described by his wife Linda as the "reason why this place is here." The building itself has a homey atmosphere to it, akin to what grandma's house would feel like on summer visits. 

An atmosphere that is matched only by their product. Featuring "all fresh made sweets" of many varieties, the bake shop is complemented by a wide array of pottery, quilts, photography, and even Little Schoharie Treasures - rocks special to the Schoharie Creek. 

Most if not all products available at Under the Nose are locally made. 

Having opened officially this past weekend, the Quinn's shop will remain open to customers through December except on Tuesday's and Wednesday's, with the store closing down for the season before Christmas. April 1st will be their typical season opening. 

In addition to investing their own money into the business, the Quinn's have received grant funds, but what surprised them most of all was the outpouring of support from the community, including the Chamber of Commerce and nearby businesses in Middleburgh. 

Approaching the business with an attitude that they want to make the economic pie bigger for all in the valley, rather than fighting over the last piece, Linda said that she and her husband are working hard to give back to the community, to whom they are grateful for.

For more information on Under the Nose you can visit their facebook page here.

Schoharie Welcomes Three New Businesses

Community representatives and public officials welcomed the addition of three new businesses to the Village of Schoharie on Friday afternoon with ribbon cuttings to commemorate their recent business openings.

Grampa George's Dugout:  Teresa VanAlphen, owner. 434 Main Street.  
Offering 40+ flavors of hard and soft ice cream. Open 7 days a week, Noon to 9 PM.  
Organized by Schoharie Promotional, ribbon cuttings were held for Grampa George's Dugout at 434 Main Street, Your Way Cafe at 434 Main Street, and Victoria's Grooming at 291 Main Street. 

Your Way Cafe:  Owner Darcy Gray.  Home style cooking and daily specials.  434 Main Street, Open Monday through Saturday 5:30 AM to 8PM and Sunday 7AM to 8PM.  295-6222.
All three events were attended by New York State Assemblyman Pete Lopez, Town of Schoharie Supervisor Gene Milone, and Village of Schoharie Mayor John Borst, as well as other business and community leaders. 

Victoria's Grooming:  Beth Chambers and her daughter, Madison McPherson, have located their pet grooming business at 291 Main Street.  Open Tuesday through Saturday, 9 AM to 3:30 PM. 391-3100.

Avitabile, Quinn Honored by Chamber as Leaders

Written By Cicero on 3/30/15 | 3/30/15

The Schoharie County Chamber of Commerce honored several local business owners and public officials on Friday evening for leading the county toward a brighter financial future.

Photo by Sheila Donegan.
Among the award recipients was Middleburgh Mayor Matthew Avitabile (pictured left), who was chosen as the 2014 Community Leader of the Year for his above and beyond commitment to the community. 

Mr. Avitabile would also be bestowed with an award from Congressman Chris Gibson, who was present for the festivities along with Assemblyman Pete Lopez and other elected officials.

Also from the Schoharie Valley, Lin Quinn's Under the Nose gift shop at the foot of Vroman's Nose was selected as the 2014 New Business of the Year. Her award was presented by Bobbi Ryan. 

Hosting its Annual Business Celebration and Awards Ceremony at B.W. Delaney's in Cobleskill, the Chamber further recognized Lori and Ken Wortz's Kymar Distillery as the 2014 Business of the Year.  

Schoharie Promotional Welcomes New Attorney to Main Street

Written By Cicero on 3/24/15 | 3/24/15

Members of Schoharie Promotional welcomed attorney Shawn Smith to the community on Monday morning with a ribbon cutting attended by business owners, elected officials, and representatives of the Schoharie County Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Smith, who is the municipal attorney for Schoharie, Fulton, and the Village of Cobleskill in addition to his private practice, moved his primary office from Blenheim to Schoharie in December, 2014. 

He still maintains a office in Blenheim, where he also serves as Town Supervisor. 

A graduate of Albany Law School, Smith has been practicing law for four years and specializes in family law, real estate law, and wills and estates. Joined by his Legal Assistant Amanda Schultz, his practice is welcoming new clients.  

Wolfe's Den Laundromat Receives $25,000 National Grid Grant

Written By Cicero on 3/20/15 | 3/20/15

Albany, N.Y. – For many in the Schoharie Valley region, the severe weather of 2011 is a distant memory.  In other areas, the aftermath of Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee is still evident in empty storefronts and forever changed landscapes. 
            The Schoharie Laundromat was in operation for many years at 299 Main Street in the village of Schoharie.  As conditions from the storm worsened, the laundromat closed early and never reopened.  For nearly two years, area residents had to go to Middleburgh, Cobleskill or even further afield to find a laundromat to do a basic every day chore.
Nancy and John Wolfe purchased the property to re-establish the business and invested hundreds of thousands of dollars. The building was gutted and new electric, plumbing, HVAC and hot water tanks were installed. The ceiling and walls were replaced and the bathroom made larger and handicap-accessible. New washers and dryers were purchased and installed.
“To live through the storms was bad enough, but to see these businesses that never reopened, that was a shame,” said Nancy Wolfe, owner of the Wolfe’s Den Laundromat.    “We knew that we couldn’t do it all ourselves, but my husband John and I were determined to bring the laundromat back to Schoharie. We’re so thankful that the grant from National Grid helped us get up and running.” 
National Grid’s $25,000 grant from the Main Street Revitalization Program helped to mitigate the risk of the major investment made to start the business. To meet the qualifications of the grant program, projects have to be located in a central business district/commercial area and the building itself had to be temporarily vacant due to the impact of the storms. Funds could be used for site preparation and construction, and renovation and rehabilitation of commercial, industrial or mixed-use buildings smaller than 100,000 square feet.
“By helping to bring another business back to Schoharie’s Main Street, other businesses in the immediate area have benefited from the additional foot traffic, the return of services and the psychological lift of getting rid of a visible reminder of those harrowing storms,” said Bill Flaherty, National Grid Director of Community and Customer Management for Eastern New York.  “This type of assistance from National Grid helps get these communities back on their feet by providing a little extra support to small businesses.”
            In addition to the restoration of power to hundreds of thousands of area residents and countless volunteer hours, National Grid, with special permission from the Public Service Commission, extended millions of dollars in grants to help businesses and communities rebuild.
Those interested in learning more about National Grid’s economic development programs should visit:

Middleburgh Welcomes New Bistro

Written By Cicero on 3/16/15 | 3/16/15

Middleburgh's growing business community welcomed a new member Saturday afternoon with the opening of The Green Iguana Bistro on the corner of Wells Avenue and Main Street.

Featuring artisan burgers and sandwiches, the bistro has been the brainchild of partners Eric Crater and Bob Stevenot, who have worked since 2013 to renovate the one-time Middleburgh Library into a beautifully decorated dining establishment.

Photos by Sheila Donegan
Offering a wide variety of sandwiches and salads, The Green Iguana takes traditional American style food and shapes it with a modern twist. In addition to the menu options, the bistro offers an extensive wine and beer bar.

Joining an ever increasing number of businesses to have opened on Main Street Middleburgh the past fifteen months, the bistro's opening is just another step in the community's long journey to recovery following the devastating effects of Hurricane Irene.

Preceded by Fish Tales & Fur, The Valley Pharmacy, The Olde Corner Store, and Green Wolf Brewery, Crater and Stevenot's creation is in good company for future success. Success that has already been obtained, if you ask their first customers this past weekend.

Video of Green Wolf Brewery Opening

Written By Cicero on 12/17/14 | 12/17/14

Reader Radenko Sarac sent us a video of the opening of the Green Wolf Brewery being opened in Middleburgh this past Friday, December 12th. The brewery is open Thursday through Sunday 4-10pm.


Video of Grocery Grand Opening in Middleburgh

A reader sent us a video of last week's grand opening of the Olde Corner Store in Middleburgh last week:


Green Wolf Brewery Prepares Opening Weekend

Written By Editor on 12/9/14 | 12/9/14

November 21, 2014 - Green Wolf Brewing Company will hold the grand opening of its tap room on Friday, December 12th, 2014 from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. The opening coincides with Middleburgh’s annual holiday street festival, Miracle On Main Street, but the celebration will continue on Saturday and Sunday.

Initially, the Green Wolf Tap Room will be open three days a week – Friday, Saturday, and Sunday – from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., and will feature beer on draft and in 22 oz bottles. Although the Green Wolf Tap Room will not serve food, patrons are encouraged to bring in food from home or from local restaurants to enjoy with their Green Wolf ales. Thoughtfully created by local owner, Justin Behan, the space is designed to be a family friendly, cozy affair with board games available to play, couches to lounge on, books to peruse, and occasional live music.

“We’ve been working on this a long time, and can’t wait for the tap room to finally be open,” said Justin Behan, Green Wolf’s president and brewer. “We specifically chose Middleburgh for our brewery and tap room because of its supportive business community, attractive downtown, and strong local support. This town is a wonderful place to visit already, and we see Green Wolf Brewing Co. as added incentive for folks traveling through to stop and spend some time.”

Grocer Opens in Middleburgh, Ribbon Cutting December 12th

Written By Editor on 12/1/14 | 12/1/14

A small grocer has opened its doors on Main Street in Middleburgh. The Olde Corner Store, formerly of Gallupville, opened up at 308 Main Street. Operated by owner Joy Heckman, the store offers a full assortment of deli meats with various canned goods, produce, cooking supplies, specialty teas, and more. A bakery is expected to be functional shortly.

The store, located two doors down from the community's new pharmacy, opened its doors last Tuesday. There will be a formal ribbon cutting right before the festivities of Miracle on Main Street begin and the same day as the ribbon cutting for the new Green Wolf Brewery.

Mrs. Heckman has been able to open in part thanks to efforts of local officials to bring a food store back to Middleburgh. She also sees a wider purpose and welcome: "I am overwhelmed by the welcoming spirit of the residents of the village and town of Middleburgh. As one of my favorite customers says - I'm just happy to be here!"

Food Store Returning to Middleburgh

Written By Editor on 10/7/14 | 10/7/14

It may have taken three years, but a food store is again returning to Middleburgh. Coming in the next month, the Olde Corner Store will be opening its doors at 308 Main Street. The store, currently a staple in Gallupville, had been looking to relocate in Middleburgh for over two years now.

Owner Joy Heckman is optimistic about her new venture. She said that she was compelled to come to the community due to the "the void in Middleburgh and the surrounding area that was left by Hurricane Irene." She aims to become a major partner in the community, both at her store and with the recent expansion of events in town.

"I love what I do." she said.

The Olde Corner Store has been a popular stop for the last eight years in the Town of Wright and will be expanded in Middleburgh. Joy Heckman is planning on purchasing a new open display case and has opened an online fundraising pitch to aid in the endeavor. The store will have expanded deli and bakery options from what she has now.

The site, formerly Four Star Realty, will also use a back office facing Railroad Avenue affected by Irene partially fixed by volunteers organized by the Village and SALT. The Olde Corner Store will place its bakery in that space, allowing for more food options in the front section.

"I welcome the Olde Corner Store and Joy to Middleburgh," said Mayor Matthew Avitabile, "The quality of her store and her enthusiasm will be well met in the community."

Heckman wants to offer an arrangement of grocery and health food items, saying that "I look forward to serving the residents of Middleburgh and providing quality food and health supplements in a friendly atmosphere."

Efforts by the Village of Middleburgh have so far paid off, with most of Main Street now fixed and occupied or ready to be occupied. The pharmacy has opened two doors down from the Heckman's.

Pharmacy Opens Doors in Middleburgh

Written By Editor on 9/27/14 | 9/27/14

At noon today, Valley Pharmacy had its grand opening on Main Street Middleburgh. The store, open from 8am-6pm Monday through Saturday is now an anchor of the community's business district. Flanked by business and community leaders, owner Akrum Mourad and Mayor Avitabile cut the ceremonial ribbon.

Photo and film credit to reader Radenko Sarac

It was also a major milestone for Mayor Avitabile's business push. Since 2012 the initiative has brought eleven businesses into Middleburgh. The pharmacy can be found online at its Facebook page.

The Village is working on eight further business projects, several of which hope to open in the next month.

Construction Begins on New Cobleskill Stewart's

Written By Editor on 9/25/14 | 9/25/14

Construction has begun on Stewart's new location at the intersection of Route 145 and Route 7 in Cobleskill.

Pharmacy Opening in Middleburgh This Week

Written By Editor on 9/24/14 | 9/24/14

Middleburgh will see a return of a pharmacy after almost four years. Located at 312 Main Street the Valley Pharmacy will be opening on Friday at 1pm. On Saturday at noon the drug store will have a grand opening. All are invited.

The owner, Akrum Mourad is excited to serve the community. He said that the pharmacy is "dedicated  to bringing exceptional health services to you."

The pharmacy's Facebook page can be found here.

Flurry of Business Openings in Schoharie

Written By Editor on 9/16/14 | 9/16/14

Schoharie is continuing is ascent out of the dark days after the flood. In the past several months, the community has seen a sharp increase in the number of businesses on Main Street. Just this past week the village has opened its second hair salon in recent months.

The Top Knot Hair Salon and Makeup Lounge and the Amy Rockwell Photography studio both opened its doors at 289 Main Street, in different parts of the building.

Photo credit: Schoharie Promo Association
Schoharie also saw the opening of Rehab Support Services on Main Street.

Top Knot's facebook page can be found here. Amy Rockwell Photography's site can be found here.

Former Alley Cat Diner Changes Hands

Written By Editor on 9/4/14 | 9/4/14

The site of the former Alley Cat diner has new owners. Devastated by the flooding of 2011, the popular Alley Cat never returned and was rebuilt and reopened as the Blue Star Cafe.

Recently, the store was bought and reopened as Schoharie County's Diner. The diner is open Tuesday through Sunday and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Photo and information credit the Schoharie Promotional Association's Facebook page.

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