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Food Store Returning to Middleburgh

Written By Editor on 10/7/14 | 10/7/14

It may have taken three years, but a food store is again returning to Middleburgh. Coming in the next month, the Olde Corner Store will be opening its doors at 308 Main Street. The store, currently a staple in Gallupville, had been looking to relocate in Middleburgh for over two years now.

Owner Joy Heckman is optimistic about her new venture. She said that she was compelled to come to the community due to the "the void in Middleburgh and the surrounding area that was left by Hurricane Irene." She aims to become a major partner in the community, both at her store and with the recent expansion of events in town.

"I love what I do." she said.

The Olde Corner Store has been a popular stop for the last eight years in the Town of Wright and will be expanded in Middleburgh. Joy Heckman is planning on purchasing a new open display case and has opened an online fundraising pitch to aid in the endeavor. The store will have expanded deli and bakery options from what she has now.

The site, formerly Four Star Realty, will also use a back office facing Railroad Avenue affected by Irene partially fixed by volunteers organized by the Village and SALT. The Olde Corner Store will place its bakery in that space, allowing for more food options in the front section.

"I welcome the Olde Corner Store and Joy to Middleburgh," said Mayor Matthew Avitabile, "The quality of her store and her enthusiasm will be well met in the community."

Heckman wants to offer an arrangement of grocery and health food items, saying that "I look forward to serving the residents of Middleburgh and providing quality food and health supplements in a friendly atmosphere."

Efforts by the Village of Middleburgh have so far paid off, with most of Main Street now fixed and occupied or ready to be occupied. The pharmacy has opened two doors down from the Heckman's.
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