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Letter to the Editor: Please Attend Fracking Law Hearing

Written By Editor on 10/8/14 | 10/8/14

I want to announce that  a public hearing will be conducted Thursday, October 9th, at 7pm at the Middleburgh Town Hall.  This hearing will provide an opportunity for residents and business owners  to express their views on the proposed amendments to the Town's zoning ordinance designed to prevent gas drilling and hydraulic fracturing in the Town of Middleburgh.

The proposed amendments were developed by David and Helen Slottje and have been upheld by three courts, including the New York State Court of Appeals, the highest court in the State.  Helen Slottje was awarded the prestigious Goldman Award for her work on these particular zoning provisions. This is an international award which only five people in the world received in 2014.  Over 200 towns in New York State have adopted the Slottje provisions. All work, including work for the Town of Middleburgh, has been done on a pro bono basis by the Slottjes.  This includes two trips to Middleburgh from Ithaca.

The Towns of Blenheim, Broome, Fultonham and Schoharie have adopted the Slottje provisions leaving Middleburgh the only town in Schoharie valley not to have adopted them.

This is an important hearing the outcome of which could have far reaching consequences not only for the Town of Middleburgh, but  for Schoharie valley as well.

Please plan on attending the hearing to share your views.

Bill Morton
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